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Aug 13, 2007
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August 18
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Atlanta, GA USA
Graphics Designer, Web Consultant, Coder


Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests, Male, from Atlanta, GA USA

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Worn Out !!! Sep 3, 2016

    1. Nikki's beauty
      Nikki's beauty
      Hi dave, i sent the email to you and john earlier when i sent the PM on here. But looks like it didnt send. Could not log in after that all evening.

      Im on my phone now but cant forward messages on the phone. Nightmare!

      I will try and log in again tomorrow.


    2. stricklygfunk

      Im new to this forum, and i dont understand your comments?
      i have seen people on here with less posts than me, being helped out without the questioning, so why the 3rd degree?
    3. samira.achouri
      sorry. how i can change my existing posts? you mean need add template preview image and in the end link to this template, yes?
    4. texan203
      Hi ishkey, Thanks for the welcome and the help. I am working hard at getting my website up and looking like something other than a jumbled mess. I keep running into so many problems.
      The FAQ (I don't what to call it) template? really helped. I actually was able to populate it and use. It is still on my computer, not uploaded to my site-because that is a whole new problem. One thing for sure, I had no idea how much I didn't know until I started on this project for my wife. Thanks for the help.
    5. sitifarhan
      hi ishkey. can u help? i am really new in using templates. can u tell me how to use it from the very basic? I've downloaded a template from this page but don't know how to use it. tq
    6. kimberoo
      I didn't realize that I posted two of them. I posted the first one in the wrong category and I thought I deleted it. Sorry but i'm not the only person who double post... i'm just looking for some help with a logo design. I will be willing to donate $50 to whoever designs the best logo for me.
    7. DavyG
    8. druiz
      Hey watsup dude umm i was wondering if you can also make logos like for a band. If you can could you email me at druizgaleas@aol.com thanks it'll mean a lot
    9. Yankees1
      Is the templates requst still on hold?
    10. crazyminx
      hiya how are you
    11. crazyminx
      i had to delete old site and start again
    12. djwilson
      Thanks for your recent help David :)
    13. crazyminx
      hiya hows you
    14. ishkey
      I don't recall that - but you can click the Download button on the store page. PhotoLine: Photography by Your Name
      I haven't finished the contact page - it was to have been written with ajax and php.
    15. Harlem
      Can do you do my graphic request? I am willing to pay.
    16. opercularia
      Hi, I'm a noob, looking both for a website template and the chance to learn through attempting to modify a template. I saw your PhotoLine: Photography by Your Name and it is very much what I am looking for. The site indicates that the template can be downloaded, but I can't find a link. Is it still available?
    17. crazyminx
      hows you doing
    18. grodt718
      You Have a banned member in the forum Bonse [IMG] thought you should know!
    19. ishkey
      When you ask for help please try to give help to someone else.

      You could greet a new member - make them feel at home.
      Give a review of someone's website, tell them what's good/wrong, give them details. It helps build a better website.
      Answer a question the best you can or try to point them in the right direction. Most coders really have tried but just need abit of help.
      Jump in with your graphics ability. If you have none and the person asked "I need a logo" then point them to the "sticky" in that forum and tell them the more discription they give the beter the graphic will be.
      Help out where you can.

      We all are at different levels of knowledge, which if we share, will elevate us all.
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    August 18
    Home Page:
    Atlanta, GA USA
    Graphics Designer, Web Consultant, Coder
    Graphics, Logos, Sports Crests, Websites and Server Management, Coding, SEO

    An optimist sees a glass half full; a pessimist half empty; an engineer sees a glass that's twice as large as required...

    Motorcycles - Movies - Fishing