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Jul 31, 2013
Dec 28, 2009
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January 25


Active Member, from UK

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Jul 31, 2013
    1. Imi.56
      I want to use a template for a client who is DJ by profession. I'm doing it for free. The client will host some videos on the website. So, Is there copyright problem or i can do it without any hesitation.

      please, Reply ASAP.
      1. Reznick likes this.
    2. Mimoun
      Happy Birthday GG.
    3. hykstertechnologies
      i need a website
      1. Reznick likes this.
    4. Echoed Memories
      Echoed Memories
      Hi! I have seen some of the logos you have created for other photographers, and I was wondering if you could create something for me. I absolutely love your work! Please contact me at echoedmemoriesphotography@gmail.com. Thanks!!
    5. DJ L.O.ACTION
      I saw some of your work on a friend site & liked what was done....so I'm now asking if y'all can help me in making a dope Logo for the name DJ.L.O.ACTION da Soul Controller...I can be reached @ ronlopez76@gmail.com... lookin forward to ur business.
      1. Reznick likes this.
    6. alexanderstrummer
      Hi! I'm new here and would really appreciate if you checked out my first post in the request a custom logo section! I plan to help contribute to the forum community!
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    7. Dale369
    8. rinakruger
      Hi can anybody help me with my website please?
      1. I have downloaded a template
      2. I have upload via Filezilla
      3. I have a host
      4. All was done according to the information given but
      5. When I looked at my webpage on the internet I can only see an Index with files?
      What do I miss?
    9. julietj1970
      im needing a logo and watermark for my photography business, if you have time to help I would greatly appreciate it.
    10. jevee
      Hi, I am attempting Charity trust template to upload to my site. But the header portion is not displaying. Could you help?
    11. Lexus
      Hey there
      I hope you are not thinking i have disappeared. I was at the hospital again. All is better now just waiting on my last two weeks . I just want you to know i appreciate your patience & look forward to completing the logo. Hope to see you online later
    12. Longstone
      Hi their I noticed you closed my post, If you have a look at our website you will see the logos are for our site.

      The hairdressing logo is for our sponsor and if you look at phots on the website you will see we won the cup but we are setting us a summer division in memory of my nephew.

      Please help.
    13. djmrcee
      hi mate could you do me a dj logo?? my dj name is dj mrcee thanks mate
    14. DJ Zigga
      DJ Zigga
      Hey mate, i was wondering if you can remove my logos from your photo folder because i would like to copyright them is this ok with you?
      and also look at my pm i sent you.
      DJ Zigga
    15. DJLob8
      Hey mate Can you make me a Dj Logo ? please DJ Lob
    16. DJ Zigga
      DJ Zigga
      Have you got MSN?
    17. DJ Zigga
      DJ Zigga
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