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You guys know joomla?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Fabster, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Fabster

    Fabster New Member


    I was just wondering if You guys know Joomla? I love it and I am rigth now in the process of transferring on of Your templates to Joomla.

    Just a suggestion: Maybe You could offer a service (paid) where Yu convert templates to Joomla. The market for professional Joomla templates is big.
    Or You could think about designing templates exclusively for Joomla. Just some ideas..

    Anyway, Your site is great and has inspired me a lot. Keep up the great work!!

    Cheers, fabster
  2. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Yes we sure do.

    We're currently looking at a lot of CMS script to see which one we will use to convert all our templates to and the templates we will make in the future.

    I have looked at a lot of CMS script in the past month and I'm still trying new ones every day and I have to say I currently like Drupal the most of all.
    So I think we will go for Drupal but we haven't made a choice yet.

    If you can tell me why Joomla is better then Drupal I might change my mind.

    We will make a choice within a month as to which CMS to use.
  3. Fabster

    Fabster New Member

    Well, I have to admin that I haven't tried Drupal yet. I read a lot about it and I think it is (together with Joomla) a CMS that can be used by a broad "audience". The main reason I chose Mambo a few years ago was the gerat community, an easy to understand CMS and a developer team that is always taking itself to another level.

    The reasons that speak for Joomla from a business point of view (looking with the eyes of a template designer) is the bigger market. Joomla has won a lot of attention over the past month and is growing rapidly. I think this will continue and Joomla could become something for the broad masses. It is so easy toinstall, set up and administer, that even my Dad (60plus) can manage his own website..

    Anyway, I will have to try drupal some day :)
  4. Dexxa

    Dexxa New Member

    Joomla is the same as mambo :confused:
  5. Fabster

    Fabster New Member

    mambo was officilally turned open source by a company told Miro. They stayed in the background while a core development team formed that brought mambo to be one of the most popular and award winning open source cms out there. Then thing between Miro and the core development team got a little "disturbed" when Miro wanted to form a foundation and it looked like there would be a commercial side added to mambo. The complete core development team quit with mambo and formed "Open Source Matters" ( http://www.opensourcematters.org ). They took the code of mambo and went on with the development of a "new" cms. They named it "Joomla!" ( http://www.joomla.org ). Joomla is out there with version 1.0.3. You could call it a fork of mambo but this explanation would be too short because the same people that developed mambo are now developing Joomla! mambo is now developed by a whole new team formed bx Miro. mambo is still open source but for me the whole meaning behind it has changed. I think that since Joomla! was born the whole project has even gained speed and I really can't wait to see the next versions to come..
  6. twitch

    twitch New Member

    I agree, Joomla is awesome and I am actually hoping to convert the template that Mimoun is making for my clan site to be a Joomla template. I am new to it all so that should prove to be very interesting, lol. Might have to pay someone to do it :)
  7. Gibberish

    Gibberish New Member

    I am a monkey.
    Even Monkeys can use Joomla!
  8. solemage

    solemage New Member

    Joomla is pretty good.

    But I prefer Drupal, Mimoun I would go with Drupal.
  9. hostdaddy

    hostdaddy New Member

    I'm in the process of learning it right now.. I find it kind of difficult to understand the concept. One of my buddies is a nursing student and a huge fan of joomla. He bought a joomla template and download the free C.M.S. and started a site called I am a student nurse (http://www.iamastudentnurse.com). His site is amazing and I'm inspired to build my own joomla site.. haha :)
  10. jordan333

    jordan333 New Member

  11. xbox360gurl70s

    xbox360gurl70s New Member

    Drupal is also great as forehand mention above this thread. try it and mess around with it, it's free
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