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Websites www.aboutcampello.com

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by CampelloChris, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. CampelloChris

    CampelloChris New Member

    Hi folks,

    Please take a look at El Campello Tourist Guide & Information.
    The site has been up since August 2010.

    We have achieved alexa rank of 297,611 in 8 months, so something is right. But I´m still waiting for some Google PR. Anyone suggest why nothing is happening yet?
  2. gateinnfc

    gateinnfc New Member

    Found your site bright, easy to navigate around, very informative. Great stuff.
    May have to book a break to El Campeelo now!
  3. CampelloChris

    CampelloChris New Member


    You´d be made welcome anytime. Any idea on the Page Rank thing. I had a site before, and after three months, we were PR3. With this one, it seems like waiting for Christmas!
  4. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Just an advice, be careful not to flood the navigation area. Or else the site will end up like GoDaddy.com
  5. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    A few things I've noticed
    - I did not find any analytics (I may have overlooked them)
    - I did not find a map (again I may have overlooked it)
    - I did not find a language translator (maybe I missed it)
    These items may help
    PS - Google PR is related to backlinks
    Position is related to keywords
    Visitors is related to how well you relate the keywords to your page content
  6. viking knives

    viking knives New Member

    Hi, looks pretty good to me! I found it easy to use, which is important. There is certainly alot of info on the first page, but its not overwhelming. Maybe make the links accessable by clicking on the picture instead of the smaller links in the text? Ease of use is very important to the consumer. The easier it is to access the info, the more the potential customer is willing to continue exploring the site. The beach looks very tempting!! It makes me feel like im due for a vacation!!
  7. CampelloChris

    CampelloChris New Member


    Thanks VK - we took your suggestion about linking the photos to the deeper level pages and did it. Good tip, thanks again ;)
  8. gojroberts

    gojroberts New Member

    I found this site quite easy to use. There is a lot of information on the home page. Ease of use is very important to the consumer. I love the sea and the beack looks very, very tempting.
  9. Great Site

    Your site is very well designed. Though it took a long time to load on Chrome but that maybe because my internet is slow.

    The only suggestion I have is with linking more to Facebook and Twitter. I see there is a facebook like button but there seems to be one for every page rather than the website on a whole. I think it would be great if you can create a page on facebook and link it to the website.

    It would also be nice if you could team up with local hotels/bars and provide some special offers for readers of your website. You can then use facebook and twitter to publicize these offers and attract more people to your website.
  10. johnyb74

    johnyb74 New Member

    Great design, easy to understand and navigate, clean and light, I like it :)
  11. jonesnd01

    jonesnd01 New Member

    Just looked at your website. One of the best i've reviewed on the website! :)

    Eye catching home page and good use of colour, the weather tool at the bottom is useful too! Alot of good information included and the tool bars very good with the drop down system.

    It does say what's near by so this is good if you know where abouts these cities and attractions are but if do not know Spain, it dosnt say where abouts it is, a map could be useful.

    Overall though its eye catching, good use of colour, good information given and a very good website!! :D
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  12. CVAza

    CVAza New Member

    nice bright colours, i like the fade of the menu bars. Seems easy to navigate which is good. Even though I use computers almost every day, there are many people who rarely use them or the internet so it's always good to have a nice clean website thats easy to navigate and use for the "novice" users.

  13. jessylp87

    jessylp87 New Member

    I like the site! It shows all of the beautiful and fun sites. Very easy to get around the site. I love that you don't have to dig too deep to find what you're looking for. its easy and stress free! :)
  14. soccertrev17

    soccertrev17 New Member

    I definitely like the symmetrical setup of the website. Also like the tabs at the top which make it easy to navigate through the page. The white background seems a little dull to me. I'm not an expert so I don't event know if it is possible, but perhaps you could change the background to a picture of el campello. That would be a cool touch.
  15. AWORRALL93

    AWORRALL93 New Member

    looks great with plenty of information. easy to navigate around. well done