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World of Warcraft template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. nuck

    nuck New Member

    hmm, i have just downloaded the file when i open the zip i get this error: Unexpected end of archive
  2. Audabby

    Audabby New Member

    Once it is downloaded how do you use it? Sorry I am realtively new to all of this and am completely lost. Thanks!
  3. Aragorn

    Aragorn New Member

    yes that is at me too
  4. camihuvn

    camihuvn New Member

    Thank you pro, I think that ok...
  5. camihuvn

    camihuvn New Member

    Problem, I downloaded but i can't upzip file...please check it for me ?
  6. Dr-x

    Dr-x New Member

    ı have question :(
  7. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

    Just checked it and it unziped fine for me.
  8. Dr-x

    Dr-x New Member

    help me need worldofwarcraft temaplate :( :(
  9. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer

    I'm sorry but no one can help you becouse no one can read the language that your computer is in.
  10. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

  11. yuri009

    yuri009 New Member

    file is involved could would him please repair?(sorry my english)
  12. pratham2003

    pratham2003 New Member

    No sir,
    This is a problem with the zip achieve.
    I downloaded it 4 times.
    Tried using winrar and 7zip.
    Its not working

    May be if you can upload it again.
    Thx in advance~

    Any1 has a copy of the plugin.???
    Plzz upload it to rapidshare and post a link here
  13. pratham2003

    pratham2003 New Member


    Any1 alive on the forums :confused:

    This file is corrupt... :(
    Can some one who already has downloaded it - upload it to some file hosting webbie and post the link here???

    Thx~ :D
  14. Fealty

    Fealty New Member

    Hey guys
    Im only 14 and i havent much experience with HTML or Web Design. Im doing an IT unit at school and we were asked to make a website that would be put to use... now This may look a little crap but could u guys tell me what you think of this? Its a website designed for my Brothers WoW guild - I designed the logo, template, etc

  15. pratham2003

    pratham2003 New Member

    Just change the colors
    the dead or alive thing (i dont play World of Warcraft)

    Green for Alive
    and Red for Dead
    (it looks a bit odd)

    Edited :
    I just saw a minor mistake ^^
    at screen res 1152 * 864

    The Home / News Forums link operlaps the image News and Events
  16. lox

    lox New Member

    same probem here... the rarfileis corrupt..
    Cant you guys just pack it again and make it avalible? please?
  17. pratham2003

    pratham2003 New Member

    I will be out of internet acess after 5 days.
    I needed that the temp to compleat my webbsie
    Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu:eek: :( :mad:
  18. Alanon

    Alanon New Member

    I cant use the template too. WinRar and 7Zip doesnt work .. :(
  19. hooloovoo

    hooloovoo New Member

    the file is invalid or Currupted
  20. Crassvs

    Crassvs New Member

    I second that the download is defect - I would be thankful if this could be fixed.