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Awaiting Reply Website to Publish Game Mods

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Brian Vail, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Brian Vail

    Brian Vail New Member

    • Website URL:
      Don't have it yet, but it will be www.homemademods.org.

    • Website description:
      I hope to be able to take mod requests, make some, and publish them on the site. The two games I will start out with is GTA 4, and Minecraft. With the Minecraft page, I want to have 2 sections, one for mods and one for server plugins.

    • The Structure of my website:
      I'm hoping for a big logo at the top with a bunch of different mods photoshopped into one picture. So like a colorful cow, a LCPD police car model, a player with a gun and laser, things like that. Sort of like the most popular mods from the most popular games all in one image in unity, is kind of what I'm imagining. And below that, a horizontal navigation menu, for a Home link, and a seperate link for the mods for the different games.

    • My favorite template designs on Free Website Templates:
      ^^ I like the color scheme.

      ^^ I found this template a long long time ago, and I added it to my personal website to play with but never had time to. I like the color scheme of this one, and the font of like the 'User Login' text. Not a fan of the font for the logo, but the content is a cool font.

    • Other websites whose design I like:
      I have no idea. :)

    • Copyright free images or photos that can be used for the template:
      No, I have nothing.

    • Preferred colors:
      I'm thinking a black or dark gray, and white or red. Something that looks 'cool' to the average gamer today.

    • Notes:
      I will pay $$ if you can make the logo and the site design.
  2. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Hello Brian,

    Welcome to FWT!

    It looks to me like you're requesting for three things: (1) a website template, (2) a header image and a logo. For header image and logo, could I suggest that you head on over here to make a request for a logo and here for header image—after all, logo and header image specifications are vastly different from a website's. Do check out the sticky on graphic requests.

    *logo—you mean a header image?

    As for the website template, perhaps you can help us out with more information by providing us with the following:
    1. What are the pages you wish to have? This will be affected by how you wish to structure your website. You may want to think about it and section it out for us, for example like this:
      • HOME
      • GTA 4
        • Mods
        • Server Plugins
      • GAME 3
        • Page 1
        • Page 2
      • ABOUT
    2. Also, are you looking at a drop-down menu? Seems to me that you're requesting for that without explicitly requesting for it. :)
    I'm sure you've come across websites with designs that you like. Seeing as you not only play but mod games, you probably have seen a large number of websites... surely some of these appeal to you more than others.

    Do help us by providing more information before we can begin processing your request!

    P.S. A piece of advice: you may want to purchase the domain name if you have not done so! It'd be really terrible if you get your website, logo, graphic designs all up and also have your website content ready only to find out that the domain name is taken. ;)
  3. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi @Brian Vail,

    It's been some time since your last post. Do you still need this template? If you would still like to have this template designed, please reply to this post. Otherwise, your request will be closed within 30 days of this message.

    If your website requirements have changed, please feel free to let us know, or make a new request.

    Thank you for your time! :)