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Websites Website Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by idealinternet, May 5, 2010.

  1. idealinternet

    idealinternet New Member

  2. barra

    barra New Member

    your bmcoll site is out of date
  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    But the information is not
    Still important
  4. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member

    Review of Free Games Online // FreeGamesInc.com
    I liked the colour scheme when the page first hit the screen. Generally I hate cluttered/busy web pages and though this design features a lot of stuff I didn't find it irritating. When I changed pages using the top nav bar I was sometimes left wondering if it had changed or not. Because the pages all have the same look you either have to watch for it changing or check the title of the main block on the lower left. If you're really interested in the content this wouldn't be a problem but a suggestion would be to make that title more prominent or colour the titles individually to differentiate each page. Overall I'd say it's great - good luck with it.

    Oh and there's a slight flaw in the bottom right corner of the main box that you use...
  5. socke ♥

    socke ♥ New Member

    Alright well i like the design and the diff categorys where u can find the games its eally cool maybe its a little thign but in the upper right corner where the search button is is a little square around the button maybe you can fix that and lower the button a bit it doesnt really fit in the design
  6. hojomojo

    hojomojo New Member

    Review in general

    I liked that the site seemed completely consistent across I.E., Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    Although very busy - I think it fits the theme, as this site caters to those looking for active gaming, not a lot of background info.

    I was having quite a hard time trying to notice if the different sections were actually different - as there is not enough in the navigation cue to show a user they are in "Car games" versus "classic games" you have to carefully look at the selections to see that happening.

    The site was very fast for the amount of info it was brining in, and I would say the navigation was very clear. The bottom text-based nav might match the top nav categories - even if it also has some other options like the :Free flash games" etc.

    Overall the design is clean and quick - the reversed (black) background does fit the genre, and the audience.

    as for SEO - you could really pump up keyword/description phrases as well as alt tags wherever possible. META tags aren't everything - as working social media will also help, as you have a tough market in which to stand out.