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Websites Website Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by BrianH, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. BrianH

    BrianH New Member

    So I would like a completely honest review of www.thatmmasite.com. Technical, and design aspects. Haha and thanks to the forums for all the banners I received!
  2. rtspl1

    rtspl1 New Member

    I must say your website is good and simple. But if your are in hunt for traffic, then make some changes in your website layout, make it attractive and user friendly.
  3. artoledo

    artoledo New Member

    It can use a little more color so that people do not get bored. It is definately a great start tho!
  4. marcandceri

    marcandceri New Member

    I love MMA and the UFC. Think your site is great with some cool stuff (love the Mike Swick video). Overall presentation ove the site could be a little tougher (at the moment the green and white leave it looking a little like a gardening site. Maybe some blacks and reds or a Octogon style chain link fence background.
    Keep up the good work. I'm going to add your site to my favourites page!
  5. agraj1

    agraj1 New Member

    Good writing skills, i really like the way you have describe the fights. But see being a fight review blog you have to be more creative within your blog layout, use some good color combination it can work, as one enter to you site he sees lot os empty space, try to fill it up. Simple is good but your theme is aggressive one so built your site according to it.... rest all things are fine...