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Websites Website Review for a sports networking site (beta.adreeno.com)

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Adreeno, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Adreeno

    Adreeno New Member

    This has been a labor of love of mine for almost a year now which originated from my mountain biking hobby. If you're not into sports you may not be my target audience but can still offer up some UI/Functionality critiques.

    Here's a link to the site: Adreeno. I won't go into too much detail about the site since I want a completely unbiased opinion of it as most users see it.

    The site still needs Help tooltips and tour style walkthroughs, but otherwise is mostly complete.


    Edit: Woops, didn't read the forum rules. Just submitted a review on another site. Sorry for the slip in forum etiquette.
  2. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Thanks for your understanding and welcome aboard.
  3. AV Websites

    AV Websites New Member

    Hi Adreeno...

    Well done. It's very, very clean and aesthetic. It is laid out nicely and the colors are well blended. Navigation is well done, the site is easy to read and not too cluttered.

    My only suggestion for improvement would be the generic graphics. People who first visit your site should immediately be able to tell what the site is about. A new header with some custom graphics might add appeal to your site.


    Best Regards,

    Las Vegas SEO, Website Design & Architecture
  4. Adreeno

    Adreeno New Member

    Thanks for the feedback! I've been thinking about changing up the homepage to reflect what the site is really about. My bounce rate is pretty high and I imagine it's because it isn't initially clear what the site is about.