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Web Design Template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. kldpptl

    kldpptl New Member

    dude i m facing probs in having same format of d templates as u said it wont happen
  2. wfjinwei

    wfjinwei New Member

    i like the template , thanks!
  3. ethan1066

    ethan1066 New Member


    a good template this is...
  4. nastaran

    nastaran New Member

    tanks ror all HELLO im iraniyan disigner
  5. pstk

    pstk New Member

    very beatiful

    Tnx very beautiful :D
  6. mcdoc

    mcdoc New Member

    thank you looks great!
  7. chimpy

    chimpy Banned

    I hope no on actually thinks they create these.. I got that impression and found out, no work basically goes into them there from other sources.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Where are they sourced from Chimpy?
  9. chimpy

    chimpy Banned

    Attached Files:

  10. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Have you ever considered that it might be the other way around?
    000webhost sourced templates from freewebsitetemplates.com.
    Can you check for credits on the templates to freewebsitetemplates.com?
  11. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    That's exactly what I was thinking Mimoun. I've seen your templates in a lot of places.
  12. chimpy

    chimpy Banned

    Ah okay I see.
  13. bryanfuller

    bryanfuller New Member

    It does't seems to be a professional web design template. If the cartoon effect can be changed then I can use it.
  14. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    It can be Bryan.
    If you have the appropriate skills, you can change anything you want on these templates.

    That is WHY they are called templates.

  15. ArtOfWar

    ArtOfWar New Member

    I could probly make this template into a gaming template! Nice and good job Mimoun
  16. digitalstar

    digitalstar Banned

    nice template and good work done
  17. usi

    usi Banned

    yes right nice template.
  18. sathishts

    sathishts New Member

  19. silverman

    silverman New Member

    i like it! cool templates, thanks
  20. masoodawan

    masoodawan New Member

    really a different, cool & awesome template.