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Websites Topsite for games/serevr review plese

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by septrax, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. septrax

    septrax New Member


    So my new site official online, alot off hard work to get everything work but finally everything is running

    Okey so the theme is not really done, the left menu im pretty happy with maybe some other colours

    And you can see the tables were users informations stands im not really happy with that blue thing with numbers in (not sure what i should call it :/)

    Otherwise im starting to feel pretty happy about the theme, its simple and pretty clean

    So some suggestions would be good to get :)


  2. sunnee

    sunnee New Member

    Set up is nice, especially the left and top banner. The right side blocks are a bit large and could use more content however, in my opinion.
  3. septrax

    septrax New Member

    Thanks for the reviews, well the tables/blocks with my users information (right blocks) wont be having more content, tought i gonna change them just a little

    Yeah the banner and the menu will also be changed to something better

    Have also coded premium mod for my members now think it looks okey :p

    See were it ends when everything is done