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Websites Toddler Group

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by trukkerz, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. trukkerz

    trukkerz New Member

    Hi guys i am currently working on a website for a local toddler group but i'm not sure about the look - can you have a quick peek and let me know if there is a free template on here that the site could be converted to -cheers - The site is not completely finished yet -!


    just one more quick question - what software do most of you use to edit the templates - I have been using coffeecup visual but its a bit limited plus you can't load templates into it and I would prefer to adjust the HTML directly

    Thanks in advance

  2. trukkerz

    trukkerz New Member

    Very Quiet - SSShhhhhhh!!!

    mmmmmmmmmmm 84 views and not 1 single reply - I thought this was a vibrant chatty community ???

    anyway has anybody got any advice on what free template I could change my site to - I just dont think it looks professional enough even if it is only a toddler group one

    ok guys thanks in advance

    www.trentvale-babyandtoddlers.co.uk :)
  3. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

  4. trukkerz

    trukkerz New Member

    Thanks emily - I will have a look - but I always seem to struggle with templates - I have tried all sorts of editors - I will see if i can rebuild it in coffeecup visual

    Thanks again


  5. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    One thing I don't like about either of your sites, is that everything is so
    it gets a bit annoying.
    But, other than that, the usual updating, and upgrading to new things is a good thing, new designs are nice, too.

  6. trukkerz

    trukkerz New Member

    Hi andrew - yh I think that aswell - the big menu was asked for by the toddler group and it seems to have crept into all my sites - think i need a new design to get it out of my head - I am holding off using a template because there are thousands of sites that look the same and I am after originality - so I will go away and have a re-think - THanks for the comments - Much appreciated

  7. trukkerz

    trukkerz New Member

    Changed it a little

    Changed the pc repairs site - what you think - any comments appreciated - good or bad - Cheerz

  8. Linx

    Linx Member

    Hi there,

    your site resembles me a patchwork. Everything is so messy and untidy. It seems like each design element was created separately and has its own style. There is no consistency. Sorry to say that but its my point of view.
  9. trukkerz

    trukkerz New Member

    Thanks lynx your probably right - I think a more basic layout is needed - thanks for the comments - back to the drawing board eh ? :)
  10. unibul

    unibul New Member

    The design is a bit dated and your images are fuzzy. I would disagree with the color choices too but that is a personal thing.
  11. natashia hope

    natashia hope New Member

    I really need a template for a walk we are doing this year for October 15th. This day marks ,one day out of the year we remember Our Lost babies, either it be ,stillborn,SIDS etc.It is the first in my province to Have October 15th as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day in Nova Scotia.
    I lost my baby March 27th, 2008. It will be a year next week. I'm planning this event, as well as other friends and our hospital.
    The symbol of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day is a pink and blue ribbon.
    My site is still under construction. Still figuring a web temeplate to use.
    If you can help I so appericate it dearly!!!!