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Websites Tell me what to change

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Txpaleo, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Txpaleo

    Txpaleo New Member

    Every critique is good. I'm new to this and I simply use templates in order to keep it simple.

    I know I need to change some things so now you guys can tell me.


  2. RichieR

    RichieR New Member

    I think the logo (evolution on trial ministries) is not compatible with the rest of the website.
    The colours are good, but the navigation is wrong, it isn't one page.
    Also the navigation (calender, links etc.) is in the wrong place, I think you have to put at the end of the page. advertisements are at the wrong place (I think it's best left or right or better in an other section).
    You have to trie a lot of arrangements with the navigation, advertisements, links, lines etc. You have to look at it constantly if you want to have it right.
    But I think thats the beauty of making websites, when you're trying and suddenly you have it.

    Keep up the work and ask a lot of questions here on the forum, you get good answers!!;)
  3. davenportdesign

    davenportdesign New Member

    I agree. The logo / banner is not fitting. Change!
    Thes rest - perfect.