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Websites Sports apparel website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by wadehutcherson, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. jonesnd01

    jonesnd01 New Member

    Just had a look now, i like the homepage with the dark colour but think there is too many videos on there. Maybe make a seperate page for the videos as people may not want to watch them so space could be made on your home page?

    Just an idea :) also i see the background changes on every page which is a bit inconsistent, try to stick to a template and keep it same throughout. Some backgrounds are abit mixed in colour. But good lay out and good use of advertisements! Buying sports equipment is also very impressive and overall a very good website for its purpose.
  2. MBphoto

    MBphoto New Member

    Hey firstly good stuff!
    I work at a sports retail shop and its nice to see that its easy to navigate your way around the website! Like Jonesnd01 said above i think a separate videos page would be a good idea.. maybe display some specials or sample pictures of your goods or new stock. The only other thing i can comment on is the backgrounds.. I say all this in the nicest way possible so please do not take offence :) The home page background is just a tad distracting i think maybe stick to a softer more pale color , maybe give that a shot.. the backgorunds when you click on the seperate teams could also do witha change maybe for example breaking sports news background.. i like the idea of having a picture as the background but the picture you have chosen i cant really see a connection in regards to the content and that the picture does not fill the whole screen and has a tile effect can look just a tad off..

    They are the only negative and constructive crit i could pull out.. sorry to sound negative but the reason i stuck wiht the negatvies is because if i were to talk about the positives of this website - there would be too many! :)

    Keep it up!!
  3. soccertrev17

    soccertrev17 New Member

    the contrast between the background and the text is good, but i almost feel that the background is too dark. i think that it is a good thing that you keep all of the ads on one side of the page, but that also makes the page seem unbalanced to me. i feel like you need to add something to the left side of the page to even it out. i would also add sports stores for more than three teams. the lakers, cardinals and cowboys seems to be a random assortment of teams. not really sure what type of group that is targeted toward
  4. supermall

    supermall Banned

    oops , it's like the site is broken please fix it. Don't give up.
  5. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    I guess there was some problem friend......... I couldn't see your website, on trying to open the site, error is showing that the page is not found................... :( :(
  6. Scottie

    Scottie New Member

    Page Is Not Found My Friend :( I Was Looking Forward To Seeing Your Work :) Once You Get It Up And Running I'll Be Glad To Give You Feedback :)
  7. rainv99

    rainv99 New Member

    Website is still down, hope you fix it soon.
  8. Wanderer

    Wanderer Member

    Still not able to get onto the site, hopefully fix'd soon
  9. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    Sorry friend I could not see your website, might be some error occurred.......
    When I tried to open the site this page was :
    Not Found - Webs.comPlease see to it...
    Waiting to see the website error free....
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Not open for further replies.