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Others SoundCloud

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by djBURNOUT, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    I have been using SoundCloud for over a year now and I can say this is an amazing site. You can upgrade your account but the features on the free accounts are still very good!

    So why is SoundCloud awesome?!?
    1. The quality of the sound (remember that YouTube is mostly mono and less-than-mp3 quality). SoundCloud has the best mp3 quality AND the option to download the original WAVE file.
    2. The visual wave form, like in professional audio software.
    3. The comments directly on the wave.
    4. The widgets (embeds) that are simple and flexible, easy to insert in blog posts and to send to Facebook/Twitter.

    Hope this helps anyone that likes music.
  2. bretttina

    bretttina New Member


    I'm no dj but i will have a play around with this :)
  3. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    most musicians have their own SoundCloud page so hopefully theres music for everyone on the site :D