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Rock band website template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Rock band template.
    Click the image for a HTML preview:

    The template is cross browser compatible and has been tested with:
    - Firefox 1.0.6
    - Mozilla 1.7
    - Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0
    - Netscape 7 and 8
    - Opera 8.0
    - Safari 1.12 and 2

    The web template will work in any browser that supports HTML or XHTML and CSS standards.
    The web design template was coded using valid XHTML and CSS code.

    Extra Notes:
    - Full CSS design without using tables for positioning.
    - Vertical expandable and unbreakable design.

    What is included:
    HTML file
    CSS file
    PSD file Photoshop source design

    By downloading the web template you agree with the terms of use

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  2. Super_Striker

    Super_Striker New Member

    Sweet template, I like it.
  3. McFurkan

    McFurkan New Member

    thanks Mimoun +rep
  4. varma_girish

    varma_girish New Member

    it was an exceelent work..thank you for ur support..
  5. skywalker

    skywalker New Member

    excelent, nice work
  6. nahrafqifahs

    nahrafqifahs New Member

  7. drummergirl

    drummergirl New Member


    hey, i just joined so this may be a stupid question. But when I downloaded the rock band template it only came with index.html pages. Are there any other pages that come with?

  8. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Yes a style.css, a .psd file and a folder with all images.
  9. Neil_

    Neil_ New Member

    Thanks nice template
  10. Just Th3re

    Just Th3re New Member


    Love It, it is great
  11. ßlaÃe

    ßlaÃe New Member

    mmm love it,
    just what i was looking for!!
  12. thamkeng

    thamkeng New Member

    I think this template is great, currently using it but i have a problem. I don't know whether or not you use dreamweaver, but in my version (8 i think) when i look at the page in "display" there are these yellow dashed lines around each of the boxes, and it really suits what im doing with it. However, i don't know how to code them in.. any ideas?
  13. thamkeng

    thamkeng New Member

    Forget it

    Forget it, i worked out that they sucked anyway :p

    By the way - am i alowed to edit the templates as i see fit? As long as i keep your name on the bottom?
  14. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Yes keep the link and you can do almost anything with it see the terms of use for details.
  15. thamkeng

    thamkeng New Member


    ok cool thank you very much :)

    Is there any chance you could help me, i changed the template a lot to suit my football club.. the site is www.wandsworthrangers.org.uk but im worried that it looks too disjointed.... any chance of some advice?
  16. whisperwhispersicko

    whisperwhispersicko New Member


    :confused: I'm having a problem with the rock band template, i download it, but i then try to open it with frontpage and none of the pictures come up and the formatting is all wrong? Are the templates compatible with frontpage? Or am i doing something wrong? PLEASE HELP!:confused:
  17. PureSimpleNatural

    PureSimpleNatural New Member

    I had the same problems with the template I downloaded. Frontpage really seems to mess up everything, but you can still use it however! Don't rely on looking at the page via 'Normal' mode. But I bet if you click the 'Preview' tag at the bottom, the page will come up all nice. I just used the 'HTML' & 'Preview' tags when editing mine. Better yet, edit in a plain text editor like Notepad.
  18. Eponefive

    Eponefive New Member

    I really like this and hopefully use it for a friends band...but im not sure how to work it...I dunno if you can help but I would like some.
  19. Eponefive

    Eponefive New Member

    sorry for the inconvienec, thats for the layout...its working now.
  20. SamModica

    SamModica New Member

    Nice Nice.

    I like that alot.

    But some radio templates will be hot