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Websites Review please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by sunnee, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    The site name is important but remember when Google started (what is a google) nobody knew what google was, now everybody knows. You can change the name or make it popular with proper SEO. Make every page known with SEO.
    Note: most of my traffic (visitors) do not use my index page, even though it is 1st page google. Try a google search for "Trigonometry tutorials" or "Calculus tutorials" a couple of pages from my site, they are google page #1 (not position #1) so you see the importance of SEO on every page.
    This forum can help (the reason we are #1 for "freewebsitetemplates) note the name is long but it still is 1st place (because it is the best place to get help). We can help and you can tell other people.
    To make money, use Google ads and appropriate affiliates that work with your free stuff (like flooring and waxes for the flooring).
    People get something free (like samples of flooring, then get the flooring (hopefully from one of your affiliates) then need wax for the flooring (getting it from one of your affiliates) don't forget local businesses as affiliates. You need to do better than the competition then you will succeed.
    (oops it is now page 2 - I need to do some more SEO) this happens as it is very competitive.
  2. djtc

    djtc New Member

    I really like the gumball machine type feel to the top of your page. It gives off good vibes. I agree with the name change mentioned earlier though. Something like free4all that is a little easier to remember might work a little better for you. You said you want to make money off the site and asked if you should change the name? How so exactly? Are you trying to make money from the ads or in another way? You may want to include something on your home page about supporting your sponsors! On the negative side when I view the page the bottom half is mostly blank with a few, odd looking links staggered throughout. You might want to take a look at that. Good page all in all!
  3. magical

    magical New Member

    Hi Sunnee,
    for pc dummies like me, it would be nice to know what the 2 rows of numbers mean. With autisum & dyslexia in the family I have traits and that could be why it looked wrong having lots of small type under 'stores' and nothing under eg. 'freebies'. There's lots of us with traits out there ! ... Loving the santas !
    I dont know how realistic this is - it's a .com addy, so world wide and it's free for ALL, so I dont know if there's an easy way to point out which ones are for any country.
    Nice looking site, easy on the eye and easy to get about, even for me !!
  4. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Hey, really useful and practical site, glad to see how much it has taken off from 2008. The logo is hilarious in a nice way; not overtly fancy and ambitious; very cool. The background the site though, I think could use some work, I see the effect you were going for, but its asymmetrical; the pattern does not repeat on both sides. Also, on the left side the image appears to be clipped, which might be an html issue. But really apart from those things, the site does run smoothly just keep it at and constantly improving, good luck and all the best!
  5. Tom Hooker

    Tom Hooker New Member


    Agree with most of the above. I have bad eyes and to try and read the ads on the right hand sight is a nightmare. You have a lot of free space. Most of the writing to me is to close together.