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Websites Review of my websites please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Osman, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Revive This

    Revive This New Member

    Dry Cleaning Review:


    1. I think the general theme and coloring match nicely with the "Greenfield" of the name. Generally harmonious.
    2. The shot of the storefront helps the reader get an immediate sense of the establishment and professionalism.
    3. I like that the website starts off on the "About Us" page, giving a brief and concise description of the services provided.

    Design & Layout

    1. I love the graphics used on the "Services" page -- this type of layout supports visual processing and the brief synopsis accompanying each image gives a little more comprehensive sense of what each service might entail. The title graphic is also a little hard to read though I can see the "shine"which would associated with clean. I would go with something more legible and retain the "shiny" logo graphic.
    3. The top graphic of "Services" appears to be distorted or slightly warped. The page would be sharper with just the listing information of Services.
    4. The green color scheme is quite nice and appealing on the screen.
    5. When I opened the website initially I was impressed with its sense of organization and how easy it was to navigate.
    6. My eye is drawn to the title because its distracting and then the big bold pictures. Increasing the font or "presence" of the tab titles could help to make them stand out more since they are sandwiched between two bold features of the title and content.
  2. RJ Dee

    RJ Dee New Member

    For the dry cleaning site - I think the banner font should match the font of the actual store front...as noted by others, the overall design is bland - colors need to be more bold and it's always good to have texture in the margin areas (almost like a shadow over the color)

    The "services" page is well done, but I would remove the quick links that jump to the specific services - they look "tacked on".

    Might eliminate the animated truck on the "delivery" page - there's too much of a delay when it drives off and you have nothing but white space.

    Minor quibbles, but it's usually those details that make a site good or great - best of luck!
  3. kevinpietersen

    kevinpietersen New Member

    Hey your website is not getting open... Plz provide some other link...
  4. Ilkley Mills

    Ilkley Mills New Member

    Just looking at your dry cleqaning website.

    firstly its looking pretty good so well done on that front.

    Just looking at your dont know if its my computer but the ajny writing over a photo is pretty much un readable the text is overpowered by the photo.

    If you just make the text more bold maybe not using photos as backgrounds i think you will be on to a winner a dry cleaners website needs to be simple and straight to the point.
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Not open for further replies.