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Websites Review my website plz!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by hod928, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. hod928

    hod928 New Member

  2. joel

    joel Member

    hmmm very good site but the template could use some work and i think you should pay for a domain but if its a muck around site i would just leave it to tk

    hope this helps:D
  3. hod928

    hod928 New Member

    ya its just a mess around site just for me and my friends and who ever..........but when the 360 comes out ill probley get a domain fer my 360 site im working on..............But thxz for posting and not saying my site sux:D
  4. didten

    didten New Member

    Most browser will stop the popups these days, so from the viewers point of view, it looks like an attempt to promote Firefox. after two clicks you lost your impact.
  5. Nezhdan

    Nezhdan New Member

    Did you mean Seseme? Or Sesame Street, as in Kermit the Frog and whatnot?
  6. ike223

    ike223 New Member

    I agree with didten Most browser will stop the popups these days, so i think you should work arround this issue
  7. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    The second image on the page is 87 kb, and it's tiny! It took forever to download and would be much better compressed.

    The 3rd image was blocked by noscript.

    The page is too wide for 800x600 screen resolution, and frames are a really bad way to go.

    Very pretty though!:)