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Websites Review my website pls

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by majorkits, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. majorkits

    majorkits New Member

    Please review my website at tayomismo.com/
    am using wordpress with Thesis theme. What is the good modification for this?
  2. nice layout but I don't speak that language :-(
  3. warden26

    warden26 New Member

    The site looks good, except that I don't underastand a word :)
  4. Olaf

    Olaf New Member

    Looks to me like the Thesis wordpress theme by Chris Pearson :(
    (you should keep the links to WP and the theme author)
  5. ethan1066

    ethan1066 New Member


    it seems that you have done a great work in making of this site..a really liked it and give you the full credit ...the contents are good and images are appropriate...and well chosen....
  6. jwesley

    jwesley Banned

    Nice design but you should find a way of organizing the images on the footer. :)
  7. cooljazz

    cooljazz New Member

    nice and simple design.
  8. FaTaLiT33

    FaTaLiT33 New Member

    Very neat and simple. I really like your layout
  9. queenbee

    queenbee New Member

    Your website :)

    Really liked the clean layout and non-busy approach. Love boxing myself so your site was a great surprise and good reading.

    The translation flags will allow anyone to utilize your content and enjoy, a huge plus.

    Thanks again for the site...spent some time on it, due to great boxing content. :)

    The theme is preferred over what I am using.
  10. lhotpfan

    lhotpfan New Member

    awesome site! it looks really unique, and the layout is cool :)
  11. Linx

    Linx Member

    Hey there!
    Nice layout and pleasant color scheme! The website looks clean, neat and spacious.
    Well done!
  12. TheWomensGame

    TheWomensGame New Member

    Haha warden, there is a little section in the corner that says "Translation".

    Back to your website. Like everyone says its clean and simple.

    Only problem is that even with the translation, I can't figure out the PURPOSE of the site. That's what you need to make absolutely clear.

    Also in terms of your links, you top menu likes should correspond or compliment your side sub-links. You want it easy for your visitors to navigate. Give them various ways to get to the important parts of your site.

    Other than that good work.

    To try and get more traffic, try and link the site with similar sites and get a "partnership" going on with another side and share your visitors. People will promote your site if you help them out as well!
  13. kwunited

    kwunited New Member

    Nice website. I used the 'translation' button and now I understand the content, but have to agree that I don't know what the purpose of your website is. Otherwise, nice and clean.

    Good work !