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Websites Review My Site Please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by aquapearl, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. hammad

    hammad New Member

    You have too much advertisement on your website, this makes your site look bad to the viewer as you have sooo many ads being displayed on your site, the REAL information may be hard to find and too many ads result in the viewer being irritated! beside that, it is a generally good-built website...
  2. Crazy4

    Crazy4 New Member

    I would move your template catagories to the left. The eye tends to stay on the left in my opinion. This will keep the end user involved in your sight longer.
  3. OldH

    OldH New Member

    I too would say there are to many adverts, and their positioning makes your actual text not so attractive to read. I do like how you've put plenty of links to parts of your websites down the right side of your homepage.
  4. soymoses

    soymoses New Member


    I too think the second site is much better than the first. Besides there just being too many ads, I noticed right away some errors in spelling and gramar. We all make mistakes in our spelling and gramar when we are typing posts or replies but in our websites we have to be perfect. Poor spelling can sometimes send the message that we are not professionals at what we do. It can be just perception and we are great at what we do but if no one gives us the chance because of our spelling then they will never know. Site is put together well though and flows easy. I would watch the amount of ads though. Very distracting.

    Soy Moses
  5. sunnee

    sunnee New Member

    Looking good, I like it better too!
  6. gandalph

    gandalph New Member


    This is a massive improvement on your first attempt - a nice, clean, crisp theme, which is looking good, and you've cut down on the ads which is good as well.

    I would say you could make it a bit more welcoming, perhaps with an image in the banner, instead of just text?

    Also, I would question the need for the Archives widget - archives is pretty much a blogging thing, and while you are using Wordpress, you're not really using it as a blog. You want people to navigate using the categories, not the archives.

    But overall, good work, well done!
  7. AlecEinWindir

    AlecEinWindir New Member

    I like your site and I might use it to get a MW template sometime
  8. seanmayfield

    seanmayfield New Member

    Again, it appears to have too many ads in the wrong places. First Impression is the look of a "Site not Found" site, or a hosted site that hasn't been activated yet. I would rearrange the ads and change the font of the title to make it stand out a little better,
  9. Lyns

    Lyns New Member

    Wow! Your second site is very nice! I had suggestions for your first site, but on my way down the page to comment, I saw the link to the second site and now I've got nothing to tell you! Did you get the template for the second site on here? If so, which one is it? I really like how your nav bar on the left has different tabs. I also like how you show some examples of the templates on the home page now. Great job.