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Websites Review My Site - djzigga.com

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by DJ Zigga, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. DJ Zigga

    DJ Zigga Member

    Hello there, I have produced music as a hobby for about a year now with thanks to Genuine Graphics for helping with my Logo I would like to ask for a few website reviews if you have some free time =D

    Link to site - DJ Zigga

    All the best,

    Jake (DJ Zigga)
  2. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Your forum has only "General Discussion"? No "Music Arena" or "DJ Club" forums?
    Might want to think of adding some more forum categories.

    And how on the home page, where it says "join my facebook page", you make it so that "facebook page" actually links to your facebook. Same with youtube and twitter.
  3. Schnen

    Schnen New Member

    Is there any deeper meaning why there is a member section.

    I would leave it out since for the "normal" viewer itself it is kind of unneccesary.

    Other than that I'd say the same as Enclavean did.

    If I have some more time I will have a more detailled look and suggestions.
  4. kurisu

    kurisu New Member

    Hi, looking good. My main suggestion would be to hide the page counter until the site has more traffic. When I visited just before it showed 1 visitor for the day and 37 in total. If you leave it off (or have a hidden counter) it will help give the impression that the site is already well known and popular. Some good mixes there!
  5. signelect

    signelect New Member

    add more color
  6. moon

    moon New Member

    Evening DJ Zigga,

    I believe the site does what it is designed to do very well which is to give people the chance to hear your music and to know who it's by.

    When navigating around, I did notice it replayed the intro when I navigated back to the Home page so just an idea but possibly it might work better if going straight back to the homepage without the intro 2nd time around?

    However all in all, a very good, slick site and all the best with the music.

  7. SPFC

    SPFC New Member

    Man that intro is sweet... logo is pretty damn tight. Stretch your bio out if possible it looks a bit limp at the mo... or just add more detail to the page. News page is a nice touch and decent number of updates... get sum new vids in there to accompany those juicy beats man.
  8. Schnen

    Schnen New Member

    Great that you made some changes.

    The intro is pretty nice but the banner of your website is kind of blurry if you know what I mean?

    Perhaps you need the pic in a higher resolution...
  9. Sergino

    Sergino New Member

    dj zigga site

    i dont like the fonts used on the home page of the site. First - it must be similar in all fields, second it could be more original/creative..as this is musician's site.

  10. Rosecityparanormal

    Rosecityparanormal New Member

    Your music is pretty good. However being that you are in music and have great ideas I would amp up the color. The fonts need to help excite your fans and those who visit your page. Your intro is cool! On bio page it may help to expand it and possibly post pics of you or you working and mixing. On your news section I would probably make some updates in news if possible, maybe mixing up some current celebrity role model updates. Just something to allow people to look, read, and think, that you update your site regularly. Love the music though!
  11. JmG

    JmG New Member

    Agreeing with the above post, it does look a bit too clean if you know what I mean, if you're a DJ and producer that's the wrong way to go, hot bright colours, some flash images, and definitely more elements of music production and DJing around your style etc.

    Definitely more updates, you have one video from May 2010, no one will be really impressed with that at all, if it's not an important thing then remove the page really.

    You need to fix your home page link, so that you're not constantly seeing the "intro" scene when you click to go to home. Personally I would take away the intro page, and make it fit as a banner, adds more quality to the site.

    As for your bio, there are a few things, yes it really needs more detail, but this line "Jake Lawrance (born 10 July 1995), better known as DJ Zigga is an English Producer and Songwriter" You're telling us about yourself so there's no need for brackets on the D.o.B. It's all about the little detail. Also the "Better known as" comment doesn't fit either, you'd be better to put either Also Known As or A.K.A.

    "Jake Lawrance was born on the 10th of July 1995, is a 16yr old music producer and song writer. Known through this artist name as DJ Zigga"

    Fruity Loops is now far better known as FL Studio, I'd use that instead.

    News feed again the latest post was last year, you don't need to update with a new track, update that you're working on a new track, or that you're stuck on a new track, or that you're experimenting with sounds/VST's etc. All of this will make people return to your site to see where you're at now.

    Take a look at this site Imprezive.com - Hardcharger's official website

    His site is so simple, but yet his banner somehow makes it decent. look at his updates and bio.
  12. jonahmcg26

    jonahmcg26 New Member

    I agree that the site does its job very well, to showcase your music and talent. However, if you like, you could look into giving your site a more unique and customized feel
  13. virusbuk

    virusbuk New Member

    A like your site but you have an extra letter in you home page info lets (let) me know. keep up the good work
  14. DJ Zigga

    DJ Zigga Member

    Hey Thanks for the reviews you have all left, I appreciate it. If there is anyone that can assist in helping me coding the intro to play only once per visit to the site using 'Shared Objects' or 'Cookies' it will be appreciated. I am open to any other ways possible for the intro page and also some more reviews.

    All the best,
  15. jamie_n_93

    jamie_n_93 New Member

    Great introduction page! the content on the site is pretty good too, I feel you could maybe colourise things more though to make your site stand out more as I feel a white background is a bit standard. Great use of tabs to break down information on your site as you dont want to jam everything on one page.

    I think your 'new song out now' title should also be at the top of your site to ensure this is the first thing your viewers and fans see!
  16. jalsal

    jalsal New Member

    Wasn't a fan of the intro and when I click 'Home', it takes me back to the intro each time - would be better if it linked to your index page.

    Apart from that, everything is easily accessible but I do agree that you should try a different font.
  17. DJ Zigga

    DJ Zigga Member

    Sorted out the website with some cool changes you guys have mentioned, Thanks. Feel free to check it out. - Sorted the intro
  18. viking knives

    viking knives New Member

    Hi Zigga. just a few observations. I loved the intro, it drew me in. Thats important. Catch the attention of a potential client and draw them into your work. Then i got to the page, and it kind of lost me. Great intro into a fairly bland page. I feel that it could use some more color, and as mentioned in a previous post, let some of your personality as an artist make its way on to the site. In addition, if you could have some of your work playing in the background as a potential client explores the site, it may be helpful. Like your work by the way!
  19. dj johnny qwest

    dj johnny qwest New Member

    Good overall site. From one dj to another, I wouldn't give the plug to "fruity loops". The reason is, music people are sometimes very opinionated. By some FL is considered amateur( even though some of the greats use it). Also, like others have said, a little more color would be nice.