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Websites Retro Gaming Website Review Please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by liesauk, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. kahnboy

    kahnboy New Member

    You could add a catalogue
  2. moabhunting

    moabhunting New Member

    The site is easy to use and navigate through. You should post your own link to a game or a catalog.
    *also your Facebook page looks good and your banner logo looks good in the image section of the page
  3. hotshot

    hotshot New Member

    You could have some kind of forum on there for retro game lovers.
  4. kwelduvel

    kwelduvel New Member

    The color combinations of that blue, white and red is quite nice. Grey background isn't bad aswell. Also liking your logo very much :) simple, yet awesome!
    Nice facebook button aswell.
    Suggestions to add: (think they've been said before) a forum and/or catalogue
    Overall I give it a 7/10
    Good job ^^
  5. jd132

    jd132 VIP Member

    few suggestions :D

    hi overall the site is really easy to navigate colors used are good background is good but i found few things bit uneasy such as:

    navigation is easy to navigate but need some hightlighting when user is in that particular section eg. if im in news page i should know that im in news page from seeing the navigation
    as on whole all the page are having same look so need to identify which page the user is.

    left section (logo)

    logo should appear over the navigation currently it's hiding behind the navigation (you can reduce the size of the logo) :D

    the contact details below the logo appears as links... so u can remove that from there and keep it below the logo (without blue background) or give spacing between the 2 sections.

    left section (content)
    mostly colors are used for links on white background... so u can remove the blue color and kept it as dark grey but spl content like "We would like to wish all of our customers new and old.. " can be kept in green (looks good)

    title can be bigger to distinguish the post from one another.

    u can use big image if u want :)

    seprate each section like articles, news, videos by giving seprator.

    video page
    looks good just need to increase the font size rt now it put strains reading the content :(

    contact us page
    perfectly done just need to beautify it input boxes needs to be aligned properly

    overall [​IMG]
    need to increase the font size
    make headings or titles bigger
    and personally i felt ur wasting too much space on the left hand side...

  6. ignitionwebs

    ignitionwebs New Member

    Nice site! I like the logo and the sidebar that gives your location. That's convenient. The colors, mostly red white and blue are nice. Never do too many colors, I like it as it is. The videos on the video page are a tad bit small. If you could you ought to think about expanding their width/length. And the contact form is nice. Overall, its great.
  7. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    Ignition Webz and JD

    thanks so much for your constructive comments, I have altered the logo so it now sits flush to the navigation. I would like to do some of the things you have said ignition but I am having a few problems lol.. I will fiddle around and hopefully make a few adjustments soon.

    but really I do appreciate all your kind comments and ideas :D

  8. ignitionwebs

    ignitionwebs New Member

    No problem. The logo looks a lot better by the way.

    I have a SNES by the way and the games are hard to find lol. Too may people just toss them away like they're worthless. Also, in the near future, you might wanna think about listing your products/prices online. Just a thought...
  9. H4rdstyle4ever

    H4rdstyle4ever New Member

    Hey mate, nice looking site you got, good job.

    Alright let's start with the bad things to get those out of our head :p

    *The text is a bit hard to read, I dunno if it's the font or the bit strong blue/red on the white back, but my eyes blurs a little.

    Now when that's done let's jump to the good stuff:

    *Great logo - fits the message you wanna give, perfectly.
    *Having opening times and such on the frontpage, easily avaibale is also brilliant.
    *The map along with the contact form is genius.

    Although much good I got a few suggestions for you:

    *More pictures
    *List the most popular games and consoles on the frontpage.
    *Get a game section, with a database over all the games you got.
    *Net-shop - give people that live far away access to your goods.
    *search function to search for a game in the database (which I recommend you to make)

    Good luck in future with the site, I think you will increase your sale significantly by adding those suggested features :)
  10. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    :) Hi guys! :)

    Thanks once again for all the constructive comments you have given me over the past few months. I have finally managed to set up a shop on our website, (its running in maintanence mode at the moment as we have hundreds of items to list) and I have also included a forum.. It is all still VERY new to me so I hope that it takes off, as a woman who hasn't done anything as hightech as this before I am really proud of it so far and just wanted to say I couldn't have done it without all your support.... so thanks again and you guys/girls are fabulous!!


  11. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member


    The site is very simplistic, why not use the gordy large overpixelated retro gaming style on this site!? This site navagates well and has everything you need on it, just doesn't look like I would want to spend time here.
  12. david71990

    david71990 New Member

    Like the website and the logo but the background, plain white? Looks a little amateurish a lot better than I could do tho!
  13. ElPwno

    ElPwno New Member

    Congrats, unlike many local store sites your information is very clearly organized. I suggest a bigger, darker font, and uniformity, by this I mean to make all of the news seem kind of the same: either (from top to bottom)Title, picture, text or title text picture. Or my favorite: picture, title, text. Also, it may be me but I think the shade of blue on the tab is different than that on the square where the logo is. Also, put some big tagline on the homepage, like, BUY AND SELL RETRO CONSOLES, GAMES, AND MORE! Even with all of this, I must admit, it is a really nice site. I was amused by the simple yet eye-catching layout of the NEWS section. Keep it going!
  14. CharlieBeach4

    CharlieBeach4 New Member

    i wouldn't do much more unless you wanted to sell from the website more than the shop, all looks good to me!
    might change the bold colour writing though.
  15. Ray Wilson

    Ray Wilson New Member

    The background is looking a bit basic really. Thats the first thing I would tackle in improving, then look at the text layout afterwards.
  16. RJ Dee

    RJ Dee New Member

    Dead site? I know I'm reviving an old thread, but when I click the link it says "account suspended"...bummer, I'm a big retro gamer too!
  17. RisingFeud

    RisingFeud New Member

    Great logo :).

    The site fits very well with the theme of the store, retro style. The colors you chose are nice. the site is easy to navigate and read.

    Just one thing, in the links section I think you have some debug text at the bottom of the page with a picture that wob't load.
    Something like this: Aclands.DVD.Atlas.-.Human.Anatomy.2of6.Lower.Extremity.Divx6.mp3.wogre. Dont know what that is :)

    Great job overall.