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Ready Request for Goat Farm template

Discussion in 'Downloads' started by manikandanmanivelu, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Roxsan

    Roxsan Active Member

    Hi @manikandanmanivelu! :)
    I made two options for you to choose from. This is the first one.


    The second one is based from the changes that you've given me. You can see a better herd count and more visible gallery slider on the bottom.


    However, in the Gallery page. There is a button which you can choose either photo gallery or video gallery.

    001-GoatFarm9_0011_GALLERY (Video).jpg
    001-GoatFarm9_0010_GALLERY (Photo).jpg 001-GoatFarm9_0013_GALLERY (Video-Hover).jpg 001-GoatFarm9_0012_GALLERY (Photo-Hover).jpg
  2. Dear Roxsan,

    Thanks for your swift response! I will go with the second design as it has more room for the gallery slidder. I don't have any other comments and so let's freeze the design. Thanks!
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  3. Roxsan

    Roxsan Active Member

    Thanks and noted.
  4. Paul Chris

    Paul Chris Member

    Second one is very nice rox!
  5. Ramsie

    Ramsie Member

    second option is nice indeed.
  6. Roxsan

    Roxsan Active Member

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  7. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

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  8. Dear Mimoun,

    Thanks for keeping me informed!
  9. Dear Roxsan,

    Just noticed the menu item "Our Goals". Actually my request was to have "Our Goats" screen. I should have noticed it earlier but its a miss from my side. Is it too late to design one more screen for me? Also I would like to retain the "Our Goals" screen. Thanks!
  10. Roxsan

    Roxsan Active Member

    Hi @manikandanmanivelu. Sorry about it. I think I read it "Our Goals" instead of "Our Goats". But anyway, here is my take for the additional page.

    "Our Goals" page is replaced with "Our Goats". :)...
    001-Goat Farm10_0014_OUR GOATS.jpg

    and this is the hover state of "Our Goats" page which you can see that "Our Goals" page is now placed under "About" page. Hope this one is fine with you and please let me know if you have any suggestions in mind. :)

    001-Goat Farm10_0015_OUR GOATS (Hover).jpg
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  11. Dear Roxsan,

    As usual, super fast. I am OK with the new screen and hover approach. Thanks a lot!
  12. Roxsan

    Roxsan Active Member

  13. arunk110471

    arunk110471 New Member

    Roxsen's design is superb !!!
    But equally, Amuer and Perci's design are also very nice.

    Great work. Keep it up!
  14. Dear Mimoun,

    Any clue when the coded prototype will be available? Thanks a lot!
  15. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    It takes sometime as we don't just give you a simple HTML page, but a full responsive multi page website that will work on any mobile phone. We also do full quality control on our new website templates.

    @Rex is coding your website template right now. He can post a current version for you if you want to see the process.
  16. Dear Mimoun,

    I completely understand that it takes time and glad to hear the web pages are based on RWD. It would be great if @Rex could share the WIP version. Thanks!
  17. Rex

    Rex New Member

    HTML (without jQuery version) files are now available.

    I will be uploading the version with jQuery when it's done.

    Attached Files:

  18. @Rex - Thanks a lot! Will wait for your update :)
  19. Rex

    Rex New Member

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  20. Rex

    Rex New Member

    Here's the HTML (with jQuery) version of GoatFarm template.

    Attached Files: