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Websites Really hope your review to my site.

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by wumod, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. wumod

    wumod New Member

    Hi, all!

    This is my site: epathchina.com. Really hope you give some reviews just like: 1. How about the web design?
    2. SEO or SEM tips

    3. Is it attractive?

  2. enigma1

    enigma1 New Member

    1. in terms of web design, the layout isn't too different from the stock osc.
    2. SEO you have the basics for SEO links and meta-tags in products/categories, I would prefer 100% static links though, as your USU has the ids appended with URLs.
    There is a lot of redundant code viewing the HTML source before you reach the actual page content. And lots of internal links before anything else in the HTML may degrade the value your pages with SEs. You may want to check the categories box contrib whatever that is. Either place it after the main page content (for example move it to the right nav column) or expose the relevant categories links based on the current page viewed.
    3. Is it attractive? I assume you mean for clients. Well the site has lots of good features but they are geared for retail rather than wholesale in my opinion. For instance the price breaks module show less than 3% discounts for large quantities on every product I checked. Not too attractive for distributors.
  3. Jholden

    Jholden Member

    1) I think its kind of a bland lay out, just here is the stuff, do what you may. Need more color or something to keep it interesting.
    2) ummmm
    3) Its attractive if what you want is just to get a quick item. But if you are looking to browse and look arround not very attractive.
  4. ethan1066

    ethan1066 New Member


    you done a good job .it's not a great work though i appreciate your work.the contents are just good and images are nicly selected..you can show it more colorful and attractive.anyhow i like that you have employed the basic seo techniques .this will surly help you in online marketing.i would give you 6.5 out of 10..
  5. wumod

    wumod New Member

    thanks very much for all your feedback

    i will improve the design to make site look colorful and attractive
  6. globalmind

    globalmind New Member

    1. same navigation menu as on amazon :)
    2. google page rank 4 - not bad
    3. not really attractive, but nice and clean
    4. i am not big fan of "made-in-China" products :)