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Websites Please Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Minute Websites, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Minute Websites

    Minute Websites New Member

    Please check out the website 'Minute Websites'. Tell me what you think, what's wrong, what's right, how it can be improved, etc.
    Leave a comment on the guest book. Recommend someone that might be interested. I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Minute websites:
    You should show examples - different types
    ie electronic store, hardware store, furnature store
    after you build the site - what incentatives to you give
    ie free HTML Editor to maintain the site with
    or free tutorial to tell me how to make changes
    Why should I choose you from among others
    what makes you a better choice
    Don't tell me, show me
    hope this helps
  3. DavyG

    DavyG New Member

    Your site looks really professional and of a really high standard, the colours and text are both attractive and easy to read however there seems to be alot of text, maybe this could be changed with a few visual aids... overall well done.... :)
  4. ParmvirSingh

    ParmvirSingh New Member

    Hi, the site colour scheme is nice and easy to follow, but seems a little dull.

    The font on the landing page needs to be changed I feel. but what I feel strongly is that I don't know what your company's name is? Minute Websites? If so, you need to make that name more central so that the user can look at it, understand it and know that is the company name. This will be good for your company branding.

    In regards to the colour scheme, you need to use only one type of blue I feel, currently its dark sometimes and light others, which for me doesn't work. You need to add examples of work you have done, so that the user will find you more attractive as they know the type of work you can produce. It will give them something to use. If you don't have these currently, the you should design some landing pages, and show these as pictures of your work, otherwise the site feels like it has too much text and no evidence of any work.

    Hope this helps.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Gameswapper

    Gameswapper New Member

    There is a gray box in the upper left hand corner that bothers me - It seems like I'm missing a menu or something - I just keep trying to scroll up to see it.

    The site also has lots of text and few graphics. Seems like it could be more exciting.
  6. vareside

    vareside New Member

    I'm totally thinking the same as the people that posted their opinions above. I've to add that you should change to a different counter! Statscounter.com and Google Analytics offer invisible counters which are much better because users don't really care about how many people have been on this website by now. And that counter does not fit your over-all website design. My suggestion: invisible counter!
  7. RebelsPink

    RebelsPink New Member

    Nice overall site. Just a couple quick notes. Would like to see the website name more prominent and would like to see the text all in black except for text that needs to stand out and make it the blue or red text. Example of work that you have done would be nice, something that I always look at before choosing work to be done. JMO.......
  8. iamclueless

    iamclueless New Member

    Overall I agree with most comments made above but also have another suggestion. I find the text very annoying - not because there is a lot of it But Because You Change From Type Like This to type like this on the same page. It should be consistent through out the page if not the whole website.
  9. Tres

    Tres New Member

    I think overall the site is looking good. I'd like to see the gray bit to the top left gone. I'm not a fan of counters and you can check your stats elsewhere.
  10. jack daniels

    jack daniels New Member

    The website looks very professional as said by so many earlier.
    The site is very easy to navigate maybe no need to have the site map menu as the site is no too large to be able to navigate easy.
  11. esd5001

    esd5001 New Member

    I really love it. It's very professional. I have to agree with the others though about there being too much text. You should maybe show some screenshots of websites that you created so that people have an idea of what they're getting. I like it though!

  12. frosst40

    frosst40 New Member

    Hmm, the link you have provided does not work... It leads me to a search site.
  13. manifest

    manifest New Member

    I can't find your website...
  14. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    The original request for this review was made back in May 2010, Which means by internet standards this would be almost a lifetime ago. ;)

    Also note, the guy appears to have just used this forum to 'spam' as he hasn't returned to comment.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your input peoples. Much appreciated.

    Another thread to close.

    Mean Mod
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