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Websites Please review our site!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by discover3, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. discover3

    discover3 New Member

    Hi everyone !
    Please review discoverskagway.com.I've just set up my new tour site and wanted to know your opinion about it.It is the only independent tour company that offers Jewell Gardens and the Days of ’98 Show with the White Pass Summit.
  2. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    You usually have to review someone elses site on here before asking for your own feedback.
  3. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    Ditto! One post doesn't make you even a member in my opinion.
  4. boemboem

    boemboem New Member

    I think it's a nice site. Did you make this one yourself or did someone else did it for you.
  5. unhallowedangel

    unhallowedangel Logo Specialist

    Very nice with the whole flash banners and good design too :) 5 *****'s :)
  6. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You should review some others as soon as possible so you can contribute
    Your meta tags

    <title>Skagway Alaska Tours</title>

    <!--<meta name="keywords" content="Skagway,Alaska,Shore Excursions,Alaska travel,Gateway
    to the Klondike,Gold Rush National Park,White pass and yukon route railroad,inside passage,
    Jewell Gardens,Garden City of Alaska,Cruise,Haines,Juneau,Glaciers,Alaskan history,Mountain
    tours,Days of '98 Show">-->
    <meta name="keywords" content="Alaska Guided Tour,Skagway Alaska Things to Do,Skagway Alaska
    Tour,Skagway Tour">

    Your title is the most important (Google uses about 64 characters including spaces) you can add a short description to the title

    Description is the second most important tag (Google displays about 150 characters)
    I can't find the description, but you seem to have two keywords tags, one as a comment ??
    hope this helps
  7. unhallowedangel

    unhallowedangel Logo Specialist

    Nice job :) Thanks again :)
  8. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    You have a very visually appealing site. I agree with navyfalcon. Your meta needs a complete remake. You need description tags. Also you used the same tags on all the pages. Google probably has already gigged you for duplicate meta. If you don't use the webmaster tools, you should. They will help you with mistakes such as this. Good luck and hope to see you posting.
  9. smithpeter018

    smithpeter018 New Member

    cool site nice design
  10. Monica

    Monica Banned

    As for me the photos are too small, I want to see them in a larger size, but such a click-function is off.
  11. bruceree

    bruceree New Member

    Sufficient. On par with most of the independent travel sites on the Net.
  12. james99

    james99 New Member

    The design is good. It loads faster and quick to tell what the site is all about.