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Websites Please review new PHPForms site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by yurek, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. yurek

    yurek New Member

    Hi all!!
    The PHP Forms newly redesigned website that has been launched recently.

    This outstanding event is devoted to the new upcoming version of PHPForms – undoubtedly the key renovation you will notice here. Our product goes with the times and so the site is expected to become more usable, visualized, and searchable.

    Please Make Review test version of this site - http://phpforms.net/v2/index.html
    Thanks in advance
  2. alexanderstrummer

    alexanderstrummer New Member

    Your site definitely pops off the screen! All the important aspects of any site are easily accessible from any page and the testimonial page is a very nice addition. :)My only suggestion would be to label the phone numbers on the top right hand corner.
  3. boxedart

    boxedart New Member

    I couldn't see much wrong with it. Your site is extremely fresh and modern. The navigation is all very clean and simple to use and understand. The site is actionable and it is easy to make a purchase. Modern convention is followed, and it seems that you have all the details that you would possibly need right there on the site. I don't even think you need to label the phone numbers as alexander suggested, as most people will recognize the correct format number to use without prompting. Curious how the web form business is running though, as a lot of CMS products come with most of their needed forms. Who is your primary customer base?
  4. BoboBarlow

    BoboBarlow New Member

    Very useful site giving all the information a user would require before parting with any money to purchase your products.

    A demo is always vital (in my opinion) before even thinking about buying something, especially if it hasn't previously been recommended by someone else so it's good that this is included.

    I also found that it gives a very detailed look at the product detail. Anyone who is vague about what a product does or doesn't include plenty of screenshots to see if it is really suitable for a user would suggest a weak product. If you have enough confidence in the product to show the detail you have on your website then it suggests a strong product.

    Given that I am currently developing my knowledge when it comes to PHP and userforms alike, it's not something I would buy but I can certainly see the uses for someone without coding knowledge.

    The testimonials also add strength to the website and product itself and including links back to their website is a nice touch.

    Great stuff!
  5. WaterlooSunset

    WaterlooSunset New Member


    I'm very impressed. It seems like everything I would like to see is here from demos to user testimonials. My one suggestion would be to offer the user guide in a printable format (like PDF) in addition to the online format. While I would be more incluined to use the online format, there are users who still like to print off manuals.

    Keep up the good work!
  6. 1stueyw

    1stueyw New Member


    great colours,easy to follow.... idiot proof
  7. coogan82

    coogan82 New Member

    wow this site is extremely well put together. the layout is fantastic and colours seem just right everything is where it should be in my opinion and is easy to navigate from tab to tab all the relevent info is there and is extremely proffesional

    9/10 excellent work
  8. vkoneness

    vkoneness New Member

    I actullay like the site, I like the colors, fonts are good, I like the fact that u can click on a page and it loads pretty fast. Overall I think it's nice

    AWORRALL93 New Member

    looks like a well designed and presented layout. content looks good as well
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