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Websites Please Review my websites

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by djjkenyon, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. djjkenyon

    djjkenyon New Member

    I have recently built 2 websites selling MMA clothing and equipment.

    I have built them with no prvious expereience before so any feedback would be great.

    Also if anybody else has any idea of any shopping carts that i could you please let me know.

    Also the second one isnt fully complete yey but feedbak in advance is great

    Thanks in advance

  2. Danny2012

    Danny2012 New Member

    I reviewed the www.fightersclothing.co.uk website

    Aesthetics & Eye Appeal

    1. Does the site's look and feel seem to match the subject matter
    Yes very dark and has images matching MMA
    2. Does the site align visually with the intended reader or market?
    Yes a MMA fan would find this relatively easy to work out visually
    3. Do you immediately get a sense of what the site is all about?
    Yes pictures of MMA clothing and fighters let you know its a clothing shop for MMA etc
    4. Could you easily see "About" and security information?
    About section is tabbed in the menu at the top and there is a secure checkout section

    Design & Layout

    1. Are the graphics appropriate to the subject of the site?
    2. Are the graphics appropriate for the intended audience?
    3. Are there graphics that seem superfluous or unnecessary?
    Nope they all link into some sort of fighting
    4. Is the color scheme appealing and suggestive of the topic?
    I would say it was a bit dark but then again MMA bright colours wouldnt match the seriousness of the sport
    5. Is the layout cramped and 'too full' or is there proper spacing and visual rest areas?
    I would say the products all with More Info under them are a bit cramped other than that it seems fine
    6. Is your eye drawn to the most important elements? Do they then relate into the content?
    Yes they relate to the content I would be using this website for

    Reader Usability

    1. Is the site understandable?
    Yes I found it fairly easy to use
    2. Did you know what to do to get to the information you wanted?
    3. Were there guide posts or 'help' features included
    It should maybe have a few help pointers incase some people get lost
    4. Are the areas of content clearly defined
    Yes very clear on which items of clothing are in which sections of the website
    5. Were there distractions like spam and blinking ads
    Nope no ads, which is a bonus!
    6. Are there visual elements, design elements, pictures, or content blocks that are distracting, or that keep you from flowing into the content message?
    Nope most of the images were the clothing which was a great feature


    1. Is navigation Intelligent, logical and clearly understandable
    Yes very easy well laid out
    2. Does the technology work - Java, scripts, movies, etc. or are you required to load a program or do something in order to use the site?
    3. Do buttons and links send you where you expected to go?
    Yes with great efficiency

    Page Source

    1. Does the title have a brief description (max 66 characters including spaces) and does it include the most important keywords
    2. Is the description clearly understandable and does it match the site (max 150 characters including spaces) and does it include keywords
    3. Is the keyword list a reasonable length (not excessive) and have they been checked in a keyword suggestion tool
    4. Are the keywords used in the body of the page
    5. Is the page source for each page directed for that page content.
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  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Great review Danny
    Itemized and well covered
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You have 118 validation warnings which can be automatically corrected by "HTML Tidy"
    HTML Tidy is a tool for checking and cleaning up HTML source files.
    hope this helps
  5. diptish

    diptish New Member


    i just want to point out two things on www.fightersclothing.co.uk

    1. On the landing a pic is missing and it is not displaying the picture you have to fix it
    2. on the categories section of the landing page the movement of the text on hover to the right is not uniform it would be better to keep them as simple link and if you have to provide hover actions then maintain a uniformity.
  6. domeinwinkelnl

    domeinwinkelnl New Member

    Change the colour of you website.
  7. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member

    Sorry neither link works!!
  8. guicho

    guicho New Member

    Yes, the links do not work... Can you post the correct one and I'll check it out!
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