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Graphics Please review my website's header

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by eVentureBiz, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    When you guys have time, could you please give me some feedback on my website's header (the same header in my signature below).

    I'm more concerned about what you guys think about the RSS image at the top right with the light shining out of it.

    I know the image quality could be better. So that's 1 point I already got. ;)

    What about the image itself being there?

    Do you like it?
    Is it cool?
    Is bad?

    I'd love an honest opinion about it?


  2. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Apart from a recognisable logo (RSS logo?) I don't know what the other bits are or what they supposed to represent. So, I'd say that's a minus for that part of the header design.
    The rest looks great! Really like the gradient(ed) gold text over the green/blue swirled BG. They compliment each other well.
  3. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    Hello CovertPea. Thank you for the feedback.

    Obviously the recognizable RSS symbol has its purpose. The reason for the other bits is to make it stand out. Be a bit flashy, I suppose.

    I see so many ordinary RSS icons on blogs I wanted mine to be different. The idea is it's breaking through the banner and shinning through.

    Does that make any difference? Or do you think that idea just doesn't go?

    Thanks again,
  4. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    my brain thinks somewhat backwards so, if i were to change the logo I might turn it to aim at your logo and have it look like a light beam coming out of the wide end, shining on eVentureBiz. If you keep it your way, I would drop the blue part to the right and make rss colors more of the orig ones, make it more 3d, keep the yellow-gold tail, to give the look of the feeds flying out into cyber space.
  5. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    I love the fact that your brain works backwards!

    Ok, I'll have a new image real soon (probably today) and post it here when it's ready.

    Thanks for the insights, guys.
  6. cyberquest

    cyberquest New Member

    I don't know what you did but your page loads right now.. COOL !

    To me your rss image looks as though its part of your logo and doesn't define the "click here" for feed... people like me would take awhile to catch on.. ( it's happened ) what about a color change or an image fade when you scroll over it or a small window that says subscribe to rss feed here. a link or a orange icon is what I usually look for first but other colors and sizes are showing up more and more. Theres also the corner that peels back showing print or ribbon..

    suggestion - Be Blunt ....
  7. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    @ cyberquest - Thanks for the feedback.

    If there's one thing you can say about our website is it's not the typical web hosting site. It's got a Web 2.0 layout and feel to it. With that said, I wasn't happy with my old outdated RSS button I use to have in my horizontal menu which said "Subscribe To Feed" with a small orange image next to it.

    It's gotta be cool, I told myself.

    I see what you're saying about some people missing the idea that you can click on it to subscribe. It does look a little like just another part of the header.

    I do have the pop up "alt" text that says "eVentureBiz Blog Feed" when you hover your mouse over it, but perhaps the word "Subscribe" or "Feed" next to the button would be good. I'll consider that.

    I think most bloggers these days know RSS buttons come in many shapes and forms these days. I saw one the other day with a guy sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper LOL. Those who aren't experienced bloggers (like I assume you weren't before you knew those were clickable) probably don't understand what a Feed is even if they knew they could click there to subscribe.

    As far as creating a rollover for it, I have been working on that. That may be coming soon. Good suggestion. It makes our site even more interactive and I LOVE that.

    Thanks again and I'll play with a little text showing you can click here or something.
  8. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    The RSS Logo should only come up when you are on the blog site.
    Other than that, it looks decent. But, its not really what your site's about.
    Your banner/logo needs to be about your site. Some thing that is recognizable by all, so that when someone sees it. They can be like "OH! Webhosting/design!" And not even half to read the text.
  9. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    I agree with pezboy45 that RSS icon should be at your blog's page.
    And my general opinion about this icon is quite positive. I think you could make it a little smaller but I think it's a good idea to add this RSS icon into your header.
  10. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    RSS = Real Simple Syndication
    Wikipedia RSS is a family of Web Feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such a blog entries, news headlines, and podcast in a standardized format.
    An RSS document (which is called a "feed", "web feed"[3], or "channel") contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs or filtered displays.

    It should be for all info, so it can be glanced at, to determine if a person wants more info and then go to the site.
  11. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    I gave that some thought before putting it on every page and decided to go with the way it is now. I had 2 main reasons:

    - Consistency
    - I wanted to maintain the Web 2.0 feel

    I think maybe if I can fit up there like cyberquest suggested something like "The eVentureBiz Blog Feed" or something; that might make it go better?

    I like the idea of a picture that people can see to identify with our website's services immediately. It just has to be really clean and different. A stack of servers is boring and so over used. I did try to make the site identifiable quickly even if you don't read the content by just looking at the main menus (which most people do first, anyway).

    I'd love to entertain some ideas on pics as pezboy mentioned.

    @ ishkey - so are you saying to leave the rss button where it is?

    Thanks everyone.
  12. kathyper

    kathyper New Member

    I like the way your header looks. I think RSS logo looks nice too.
  13. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    Thank you, kathyper.

    I am, however, going to take it down from my static parts of my website and only have it showing on my blog and forum (as suggested above).
  14. Linx

    Linx Member

    RSS icon is cool, but as for me it would be even better if to make it a bit smaller. But it's only my opinion.
  15. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    Agreed, Linx. I'm currently working on matching up the RSS colors to our company name colors (the little hint of red and darker shadows). The newer button will be a little smaller in size and you will see the entire RSS button.

    Thanks for the feedback as always.
  16. Dieuz

    Dieuz New Member

    Nice header, Nice job !
  17. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    Thank you, Dieuz. Nice to meet you!
  18. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    I really like how you did it now.
    Looks fantastic!
    But, if you could just darken it a tad bit more, it would look...perfect!
    Great job!!
  19. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    I'm darkening the RSS button so it matches my company's name more. I'll toy with the overall shade as well and see what I come up with.