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Websites Please review my website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Angela Brown488, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Angela Brown488

    Angela Brown488 New Member

    Thanks all for this great forum that allows us all have a glimpse of what people think of our sites and blogs.....​
    Please review my website, and waiting for your comments...​
    i'd appreciate any advice from experts about increasing traffic at this new site, if possible​
    Any feedback, evaluation, suggestion is greatly appreciated! And multiple thanks in advance…..!!​
  2. web-hosting.tv

    web-hosting.tv New Member

    It looks better in internet explorer, in firefox the menus are off center and your footer links gets put all the way to the right. the full page ads ruin the whole site though and it is a little slow to load the photo gallery which is what most people want to see so i'd add more photos per page.
  3. Angela Brown488

    Angela Brown488 New Member


    thanks a million indeed,...I check the site in Firefox. Unfortunately i noticed it is totally all over the place. Footer at the top right hand and left column in right aligned content.
    But i'll try to figure out something as soon as possible
    thanks soooo much again
  4. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    I run Firefox and when I click a picture on your home page when It opens in the other page the text in the right column bleeds halfway into your photo. Nice layout and colors. Work out the bugs and you have it. I looked at your meta tags. Way over kill on the keywords. I have been told you should limit the title to 100 and the description and keyword tags to 256 characters. I don't know it they penalize you for this as I am pretty new at this but if you have webmaster tools at Google see if they say too long on that tag. Good luck and have fun.