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Websites Please Review My Wallpaper Site 1vva.com

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by aguswidy, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. aguswidy

    aguswidy New Member

    dear everyone

    i build new wallpaper site //1vva.com please review it.
    just question how to get traffic for my site? beacuse verry dificult get traffic for site like that.

    Many thanks

  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    To attract traffic, you need good appropriate keywords.
    The most important keywords should be in your title.
    Google displays 66 characters (including spaces) of you title
    so use a brief description with your title describing what the page is about.
    Second, Google displays about 150 characters of your description below the title of your page. Use your best keywords. This is your second chance to attract visitors. Below that is your domain name.
    Be sure to use a different title and description for each page.
    Be sure and include a site map for the search engine spiders.
    free sitemap generator
    Check all keywords in a keyword suggestion tool such as wordtracker.
    You must have good navigation for your site (menus so visitors can find your information)
    NOTE: You should review several websites so you can understand how and why reviewers suggest what they do and to compare your site to others.
    After doing about a dozen reviews or more, trying to help and not just "looks good", you will be able to improve your site and learn how to attract traffic.
    hope this helps
  3. wilmec

    wilmec New Member

    i have to agree with navyfalcon on this you really do need to get these points sorted out if you would like any help with your sitemaps or key words i can point you to a few good places to sort this out.
  4. smithpeter018

    smithpeter018 New Member

    good job but put new wallpapers