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Websites Please Review my site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by signelect, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. djtc

    djtc New Member

    Once again I'm on par with the group. With your company being sort of a design company I would recondiser the colors and layouts of the page. Think simple and to the point. People are going to assume your page is a reflection of the product you provide. On your home page I would try to keep it simple with an into, a few samples and maybe some specials and then a link to "Start your Project" that brings you to a page with a full product list. You may want to list the sales on a page with all of your products as well. Basically I think you need to divide your homepage into about 2 pages. Intro/navigation page, product page. I would also completely reconsider the color scheeme. It's a little rough on the eyes... Maybe take one of you products and encorporate that into the scheme. Design your home page to look like one of the signs you have designed? Good luck!