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Websites Please review my site Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by grafixdream, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. grafixdream

    grafixdream New Member

  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    <title>Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa</title>

    <meta name="description" content="Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa">

    Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa
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    Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa. Reštaurácia Anna-Villa Vám ponúka príjemné posedenie v štýlovo zariadenej reštaurácii. Kapacita reštaurácie je 170 miest, ...
    Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa - Cached
    Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa
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    Restaurant & Pizzeria Anna-Villa. Lučenecká 1. 98601 Fiľakovo. Majiteľ.: Ľubomír Krpeľan. Tel.: +421 905 781 694. +421 907 277 455. +421 908 876 666 ...
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    Nice picture - good luck
    hope this helps
  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  4. bryanfuller

    bryanfuller New Member

    Everything is OK but not up to standard. To be honest, I did not like the color scheme of your site. gave it some attractive look. and use green and silver color scheme that will give an attractive look to your site.
  5. Linx

    Linx Member

    Hey there!
    This website looks like from the past! Very simple and boring.
    The color scheme is not the best choice, as well as fonts.

    I'm just honest, no offense please.

    REDDEVIL New Member

    hi, the logo's coca cola and heineken aren't that fab..
    what is the clock doing there? no reason for that
    the menu is not very cool, why don't you integrate it into your site?
    just type it in, don't use the pics
  7. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    The colors really don't look appealing for a restaurant.
    The menu page - the small graphics are too small with open space underneath and they should open up larger can not read some of them - click to open and click to close not to good and some don't even work.
    Photo page - web album generator has been around for sometime and is a good program but I think you can find a better program.
    I thought the same as thing when I first visited the site as REDDEVIL - what the heck is the clock doing there?

    More notes - I noticed there are no pictures on the main page of any food dishes.
    There are too many pictures of the restaurtant in the foto section - none of them have any happy people in them - there are no discriptions to entice anyone.
  8. Cruiseshipfan

    Cruiseshipfan New Member

    It would be best if you gave the website a more modern look but still have it in a old style if you know what I mean. Also it would be good to see pictures of the food on the main page.
  9. wadehutcherson

    wadehutcherson New Member

    Very nice,colorful,and stylish.I really liked the translation bar.A work in progress,you need some material on your sidebar.GOOD LUCK!!
  10. hamo

    hamo New Member

    I actually like the simplicity of the site. I think it works for what you are trying to achieve. I like the piture at the top and you have some good pictures in your photo gallery.

    However, I would change the left hand side of the main screen, i think it adds a cheapness to the site. The ideas good but I would try to make it finer/ crisper. I would also maybe change the colour. I would try to keep the colour scheme subtle and hopefully that would help add a classy feel to the site.

    All of this is just my personal opinion of course and im no pro. All the best with the site:)
  11. simonlarkin

    simonlarkin New Member

    I didn't mind the home page but yeh maybe some pics of the food and loose the clock. The menu was, to me, the biggest problem. I really didn't feel like wading through the list, one line blurred into another. Sorry for the honesty, hope it works out.
  12. mybizz28

    mybizz28 New Member

    Your site looks quite simple. I think it will more attractive if you can add some more photos of the places and food. It'll be more convenient if you have another page translated in English.
  13. signelect

    signelect New Member

    I have to agree with everyone else, the color scheme is not at all appealing.You should give it a more modern look and also add more pics either of the restaurant or the food in the front page.

    Good Luck!
  14. mssusan

    mssusan New Member

    Hi there,
    the first thing I noticed when I visit the site is the outdated look of it. I like the restaurant picture on the banner, it looks so nice and lovely but the website has nothing with the restaurant. The color skin and design is very boring (sorry to say that). The navigation is hard to find.
  15. madlegend

    madlegend New Member

    Is there anyway to translate that into english..it would help alot
  16. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Is the link broken? Because i cant access your website.
  17. SPFC

    SPFC New Member

    Computer novice.... but... 1972 phoned and they would quite like their site back. Just a joke, however i dont feel the site does the restaurant any favors. The clock is not needed and WHY GREY!



    need pictures of your menu items
  19. gateinnfc

    gateinnfc New Member


    Change of colour scheme perhaps, agree with others, some pictures of your food & try to change the titles of all the pictures when you hover over them. ie: DSC5024 Change too Outside Dining Area.

    Hope That Helps.
  20. virusbuk

    virusbuk New Member

    I like the idea that you can switch from one language to another. I am in the same mind as the other users a don't see the point of the clock and would also have pictures of the food maybe a custmer feedback page.
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