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Websites Please review my Photography site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by amphotography, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. dj johnny qwest

    dj johnny qwest New Member

    Like the color choices. I am not a designer myself but I would suggest a slide show for your photos.
  2. Chris559

    Chris559 New Member

    Ok this is what I think the site was a little plain I didn't know what the site was about I'm sorry it just need a little work I'm going to have to rate it on a scale from 1/10 10 being the best I give it a 6
  3. household61974

    household61974 New Member

    I'm just your "normal" SAHM that's considering building my own photo business/site. Just an amateur, but gotta start somewhere, right? ;-)

    Site is a bit plain, but I find that a bit refreshing. You're a photographer, not a web designer. I think it's perfectly adequate. Having said that, a few suggestions:
    Consider making the name larger and in bold.
    Move revolving photos to the top (in place of the static photo?).
    I noticed that the only way to contact you is via email. While I understand the security risk of posting your address, and the unwanted phone solicitation and spam email, listing this info would make a consumer more comfortable. I wonder how much business you perhaps are loosing by this info not being available?
    Consider listing your location (perhaps just city and state) under your name on the home page. Might also want to list what other cities you're available to travel to. (I was able to figure out you're near Milwaukee, WI, but that was only from viewing a couple of different pages.
    Good luck to you!
  4. SC2010

    SC2010 New Member

    I looked at your website, Its very nice. I like the soft colors. Some advice, I would make a new page and title it "Facebook Fan Contest" That way it draws more to the eye when someone sees "contest" plus it wont be crammed all on the front page. Also you detailed your about me on the front page as well, I think you should switch and put that on your "about me" page. Just my advice. Take a look at mine, let me know what you think :)
    Stephanie Exendine Photography :)
  5. vkoneness

    vkoneness New Member

    I like the website, very easy to navigate, the colors are nice, I think u should give your name/logo a twist so that it may stand out when others view the site. overall nice
  6. Dj_WildG

    Dj_WildG New Member


    Your site is very good for a newbe to website buliding...but there are better free website hosts like Free Website Builder | Create a Free Flash Website at Wix.com who can provide u with page templates designed for photography...feel free to check out 1 of my new sites that i am doing: Wix.com My protfolio created by joshspeedemon based on Photography Portfolio

    but over all the calm colours u have used give ur site a nice warm feel and i found it easy to navigate round ur site.

    Hope this help...

    if there is anything else reply.

    DJ-WildG (josh)
  7. dropath

    dropath New Member

    Site looks good. I have one suggestion though. Yours being a photography site, more importance should be given to the photographs. The thumbnails in the gallery page are too small for my liking. I would have preferred thumbnails that were as big as the child's photograph at the top of every page.
  8. karlvell

    karlvell New Member

    Site is clean and very easy to follow.... layout is good
  9. MoHannah

    MoHannah New Member

    I really like the website as its clean and to the point. Things I wish could be a little different mirror some of the other comments. The Name font (Ashley Marie Photography) gets lost in the page. One other thing I noticed was I had to dig to find your location. Might be good to have that right on the front page. Otherwise, the photos themselves are great.
  10. peggy23

    peggy23 New Member

    It's looking great.........
  11. soccertrev17

    soccertrev17 New Member

    You're website looks very good to me, very professional. One thing that I did notice was that the font almost looked a little blurry. I'd probably pick a different font, but your setup is good.
  12. ADphotography

    ADphotography New Member

    Website Review

    As a fellow photographer my self I would have to say I love your website. Its colorful, and I love that you have a slideshow on the homepage. I also like that you have your special on the home page as well. Working on my site now. wish me luck. Good job on yours. Love your work.
  13. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    Your site is neat and simple, just one small suggestion in the home page keep the photo first and then the packages that you are offering; then it will be more attractive. Often after seeing the packages the visitor may not show any interest to scroll down to look the entire page, in that case your talent will not be advertised properly.... I guess if you make the necessary changes you will have more re - visitors to your site... :) :)
  14. Driver

    Driver New Member

    Very nice and clean site. Not the biggest fan of the font style used for the homepage. I think your logo needs to be bigger, thicker font, easier to read. Maybe tone down the the green a shade.
  15. Bambaphotog

    Bambaphotog Member

    Looks good...love the infant pictures those are my favorite to capture! I hope soon also to have a website up and running!
  16. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    I am going to comment on SEO

    <title>Ashley Marie Photography - Ashley Marie Photography</title>
    You have 51 characters in your title - Google allows 66 - use them wisely
    What Google says about titles and descriptions
    Changing a site title and description - Webmaster Tools Help
    The title is the most important meta tag (ie best and first chance to attract visitors)
    <meta name='description' content='Photography Services' />
    You have 20 characters in your description - Google allows 150 - use them carefully - this is the second important meta tag (ie second chance to attract visitors)

    Examples from other sites:
    Photographer for Lancaster & Palmdale California Walman Photography
    <meta name="description" content="Lancaster & Palmdale area photography Walman Photography. Over 30 years experience we operate from our relaxed Lancaster Photography home studio.">

    Megan Hayes &bull; Photographer | Home Page
    <meta name="description" content="Megan Hayes, Photography, Photographer, Weddings, Engagments, Portraits, Families, Baby Photos, Senior Photos, Lancaster, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Los Angeles, Southern California">
    hope this helps
  17. mandykw

    mandykw New Member

    Nice Site

    I think your site looks great! I like how you have the gallery and prices listed. It looks very good.
  18. MKPhotography

    MKPhotography New Member

    I like how you posted your specials on your homepage. Makes it easy for potential customers to see what you have to offer. I also like how your site is mobile friendly. Some of the fonts seem to be a little small though.
  19. djtc

    djtc New Member

    Really like the site. It doesn't have the do it yourself feel I was expecting when I read your first post! I don't personally like the colors, but I think it's different and it works. I was wondering if you went to the green and red because of the season, or if those are you colors year round? None the less, the site is simple and to the point. The navigation is perfect, especially for people that may not frequently use the internet. Good job!
  20. missk226

    missk226 New Member

    Hi, I hope you don't mind me throwing my two cents in, even after all this time has elapsed since you requested help but from another photographers stand point I like your site it is very clean cut and simple I also appreciate the easy navigation of the page and your straightforward approach to pricing. The color choices are good and warm but you may want to think about how you list the "deals" this area seems very wordy and line after line is a little confusing with the open deal areas of 3-7 especially when they haven't been updated (Don't make yourself go in and update every day you have a life too!). Otherwise, awesome job for your first site!