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Websites Please review and advice: KeepLookingBusy.com

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by digitsy, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    Such a funny idea. I'm not sure if it was me...(because sometimes I'm a little slow) but I didn't know what this site was all about until reading the replies in this forum. Once I "got it" and knew what the site was about ~ too funny. I would try to incorporate some more "Word" settings though. (as mentioned above) If I had an office job I would use this site often. Could you add more sites too?

    Cool idea.
  2. Moutios

    Moutios New Member

    Amazing idea, great job! Maybe you could make it even more compliacated, maybe with Excel or other Office programms working, very nice idea again!
  3. slowey

    slowey New Member

    Great idea. Really good site. Only thing i would suggest is trying to put a few fixed icons in the top right corner. They dont have to link to anything but would just add to the real feel of the site.
  4. Lyns

    Lyns New Member

    Brilliant idea! I really believe that this site could really take off if word got around about it.. Good work
  5. Paint.The.Sky.

    Paint.The.Sky. New Member

    This is amazing! haha, I was wondering what this website was about when I first saw it on the forums.

    I think you should add more word document options, like the toolbar at the top to make it more authentic so to speak. I love all the fun options you added and how it all looks professional on the "word document" It's ingenious!

    Good luck with your site! It looks amazing.
  6. credphoto

    credphoto New Member

    I absolutely love the website. It is funny, easy to navigate, and makes me laugh at the thought of "gettin' over on the Man." Its funny that as we get more graphics oriented on the web, the simpler design seems so attractive.

    Good job. You made me laugh today, and it has been a long day.
  7. kahnboy

    kahnboy New Member

    Hi, its awesome site and a great idea. The thing is, could it be made any simpler as i found it hard to navigate on
  8. kahnboy

    kahnboy New Member

    Brilliant site..could u not add on anything like facebook/emailing shortcut
  9. hotshot

    hotshot New Member

    Great Site for when i'm at work. May be add a shortcut to twitter/message alerts. All in all a brilliant site
  10. frosst40

    frosst40 New Member

    Omg duude! this is brilliant! I am so going to use this website! This is truly the best thing I have ever seen on the internet! Wow, I'm amazed!!

    The only thing you could do better is add more templates for different work programs such as word, excel, etc. Oh and also, I did not find any way to turn off the sound of the typing. It would be cool to have the option to turn off the sound!
  11. hamo

    hamo New Member

    Great idea and Great site. I have it book marked and will be using it in the future.:cool:

    The only think I could think of was adding more microsoft programs but this has already been said. Nice work
  12. wadehutcherson

    wadehutcherson New Member

    Very cool I like your idea and your style.Good site,and good luck!