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Websites Please help review our site!!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by buttman302, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. emibennett

    emibennett New Member

    I agree with Enclavean. There is something wrong with your header. I do like the design and moving header though. Remove or put the word "If You Like Our Site Please Donate Any Amount" on a small size. The red color hurts the eyes.
  2. NXG50k

    NXG50k New Member

    i like it but i don't know much about making a site but i think its just to much reading for me. but its good once i was on it i give it a 8 out of 10
  3. a3578681@nepwk.com

    a3578681@nepwk.com New Member

    Is it me or does the link not work ?
  4. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    Fact is that I couldn't see your site, the error that is being thrown is that the website could not be found............ So please check the URL you have mentioned, and reply soon...............
  5. adams33

    adams33 Banned

    You are having trouble getting position in Google because of your title. Not enough information. What is FTA ? Free Trade Agreement, People supporting Free Trade Agreement,