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Websites Please help review our site!!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by buttman302, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    1st thing I got to say Thank you guys I never read so much in my life, but this site got just about the best info and knowage on helping people and the members, GREAT SITE GUYS,

    As many of you guys know, we been trying to figer out how to put a site together, we never did anything like this, so bare with us, we now got a good start going, Please help review this site, this site is just another public info sharring News, sports, some FTA no braking of the copy rights laws, we just talk about it, and share info, and help each other out much like this site does but on a small scale, we had it going for a few days now so
    a few pointer would help or if we need to make any change? all input would be great, we added a chat box too it a free one, but so limited, we banging our heads trying to find a chatbox to fit our budgit at a low cost or no cost LOL!!

    any help, input or idea you guys could give would be great!!

    many thanks

  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Do a Google search for "free chat box"
    I found several (too many to list).
    hope this helps
  3. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    thanks for the help
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    <title>Invision Power Board</title>

    This is not your title
    Maybe public news from Canada or something that describes the site
    in 66 characters (including spaces) or less.
    Also you should add a description of the site in 150 characters
    (including spaces) or less.
    These items are important
    see what Google says
    Changing your site's title and description in search results - Webmaster Tools Help
    hope this helps
  5. Schnen

    Schnen New Member

    Hey, i just took a look at your website to help you review it.

    What came to my mind first is that in generally i like the design (colours etc) and I understand the the topics etc.

    But maybe an Idea is to make the pictures of the different threads (like nba,nfl etc) a bit smaller. Since those pictures are a bit large for my liking it stretches the forum site to much and you may have to scroll down to much.

    Its just an idea I had.

    Other than that its nice.

    Hope I was able to give you an useful feedback
  6. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    All help or input would be great,
    I'll tell you for our 1st time even trying to do anything like this is way out of our league,

    I hope you guys don't mind if I C/P all the suggestions, idea, and inputs I'm getting here, and Post into our "Idea for improving site"

    we have came along way just to get where we are within such a short time at this point,

    Please keep these Idea coming your help is greatly appreciate

    Thank You
  7. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    Oh yes "falcon"
    I see what you mean,
    maybe we can do something about that soon,

    many thanks
  8. Schnen

    Schnen New Member

    Hey glad I could help you a little. If I have another Idea or a suggestion I will definately tell you.
  9. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member


    Note: You are having trouble getting position in Google because
    of your title. Not enough information. What is FTA ? Free Trade
    Agreement, People supporting Free Trade Agreement, Free To Air,
    G'day Fellow FTA Friends.
    These were not made up but are on the first page Google for
    "FTA-Friends". You need to use the title and the 66 characters of
    the title to get position (hopefully within the first 3 pages of
    Your website listing:

    1. Invision Power Board -> Welcome to FTA-FRIENDS - www.fta-friends.ca

      Mar 23, 2011 ... Welcome to FTA-FRIENDS: ... Power Board: Invision Power Board -> Welcome to FTA-
      FRIENDS ... Forum, Stats, Last Post Info. Unread forum ...
      www.fta-friends.ca/index.php%3F/forum... - Cached - Similar
    You can check your listing here:
    hope this helps
  10. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Is it just me, or is the the header on your site blurry? You should probably look to find a high res version.

    Also, i like the conecpt of having a picture for each forum category, but i think it would look better if it they were the same sizes. (take the baseball and basketball images, one is vertical, one is horizontal. Doesnt look very tidy in my opinion)
  11. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    Hey Falcon,

    Many Thanks falcon we are going to try to address this problem within the next few day, this was the 1st. time we ever did anything like this, and with the help you guys are given making thing go a little easyer,,

    we are also going to see if we can do something with those pix in the sub forums,,

    I have been posting these great idea within the topic of the forums,

    Thank you all Please keep the Idea comming we really want to do this right and have something we can be proud of,,
  12. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Look at Free Website Templates:
    Across the top they have [Home] [Forum] etc.
    Click on Forum, it is divided into categories
    Also for Forum, it has [User CP] [FAQ] etc
    In other words, it has Good Navigation
    A very important item !!
    hope this helps
  13. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    May want to improve your title. Google allows 66 characters (including spaces). What is FTA freinds, may want to say a little more.
    May want to add a description. Google allows 150 characters (including spaces). This is your second most important information. This also helps attract visitors, use your best judgement. Choose wisely.
    hope this helps
  14. viking knives

    viking knives New Member

    I like the site overall. In the forums section, I think the main catagories (i.e. sports) should look different from the sub catagories (ufc, baseball, etc). I feel it may help with ease of browsing. The only other thing I found was, the title is a bit confusing to me. What is FTA- friends? If I wasnt looking for that title specifically, I would have no idea what your site is meant to do. Maybe a brief explanation on the homepage or website descrption would help. Otherwise, I like the ease of use and think its a good looking site.
  15. Drachsi

    Drachsi New Member

    Good post. I would add that the keywords also need some work. There is no sitemap for the site, a major error.

  16. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    Thanks Guys
    I had to rethink and replace the Vboard we started to get a lot of problems with that 1st. board,
    now I moved onto the 4.04,,

    so we had to start all over we are not going to give up that for sure,,

    Thank you all for these idea, we have tryed many things that you guys had told us to fix and do,

    keep them coming,,


    viking knives

    you have a good point, "FTA" means "Free To Air" and that could go a wide range as to Testing of those old time big dishies anti, to CB's, ham radio, ect; but we also what to be know for others stuff like sharring news, download, ect;

    something we will work on Thank for your input..
  17. buttman302

    buttman302 New Member

    Yes bud we still working and I'm going to try to do something about this with in the next few day...

    I heard you clear thank you for this little push and reminder I just forgot..
  18. Scottie

    Scottie New Member

    I Think The Website Is Very Good Everything Is Very Clear And In Specific Groups Which Makes It Easier To Find What You Need :)

    Good Job Keep It Up !
  19. iPlay

    iPlay New Member

    * Not a fan of the header at all
    * I think you're trying to make the 'donation' part stand out too much - would be betetr if it was more subtle
    * Forum is VERY large and may be hard to find what you are seeking easily.
  20. household61974

    household61974 New Member

    Site is simple and easy to navigate.

    You might consider narrowing down the "cooking and grilling" portion on the first page. Things look nice as you scroll down and then BAM! you suddenly have alllllll of these options to choose from. Doesn't seem in keeping with the top part of the site.

    Also, one thing I would like to see better are the thumbnails that are next to each heading - they're a bit small. Also, might try to find pictures that are the same "style." But, overall, nice job.