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Websites Please help review Levintrading!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by mybizz28, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. mybizz28

    mybizz28 New Member

    Please help review this site which support to educate people who care about futures trading! About the design and content, if I need to make any change?

  2. edo6

    edo6 New Member


    First thing that I noticed on your web is the image on the right side, it's kind of blurred.

    Font, color sheme etc. is made quite good. I like the thing with red fonts when they get white border :)

    Maybe you should add more details in "About us" page and that's all I guess :)
  3. mssusan

    mssusan New Member

    It looks nice over all. I find the text a little hard to read, maybe not justified the alignment of it and use align-left. And also don't used all caps for "DISCLAIMER". And as edo6 mentioned the image look low res and blurry.
  4. Dj Klutch Kick

    Dj Klutch Kick New Member

    I think the site looks nice over all. Only thing i would try to change or enhance is the background image. Its a little blurred other wise its a nice site.

    DJ Klutch Kick
  5. JustaMom

    JustaMom New Member

    I don't know much about site design but I have a few comment as internet visitor.
    All the white text at the bottom of the page was really bright and hard to read. Maybe you could break it up a little.

    I do like the layout (except the text at the bottom). Nice color scheme.
  6. Schnen

    Schnen New Member


    I just took a look at your website.

    First of all I like the design and how your homepage is set up but there is one thing I would change (although it is only minor).

    In my opinion the disclaimer text is way to long. Is there a chance for you to shorten it? If not, maybe an Idea would be to make the text itself smaller.

    For me it just is a tad too long ;)
  7. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Nice website man! The background image on the homepage is blurry, and you should add a favicon.

    Other than that it looks great.
  8. 1075dallas

    1075dallas New Member

    Hi. Looked at your site. Very interesting subject matter. The site does make you want to read on. Couple of suggestions. First, the tone is a little intense, particularly the image of the giant eye. The site feels like a trailer for a suspense movie. The video on the front page is great and the information provided thorughout the site is compelling. Hope this helps.
  9. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    First off, I definitely like the overall design of the site. As some others have mentioned, I think the background image could use some improvement as it does seem blurry/low resolution.
    Second, I think the disclaimer text on the bottom doesn't need to be in all caps...and maybe could be one or two sizes smaller. I feel like it takes away from the home page otherwise.
    Good luck! Overall it looks great! I especially like your red lettering that outlines in white when you hover over it with the mouse!
  10. kurisu

    kurisu New Member

    Hi, like the site down to the white line, but after that I really think the wall of white detracts significantly from the look and tone gained above. If I was to come across the site and saw a disclaimer that long, it would really make me think hard about whether to proceed any further. Unless there is there a reason it has been left on the front rather than a linked page, I would definitely think about just putting it as a footer/menu item. The video is a nice touch and has a good professional feel about it. All the best with the site!
  11. moon

    moon New Member


    I like the colour and branding of the site, works well.

    However I would say all of the front page looks pretty polished apart from the "learn more" tab. However that is the most intersting link (and I like the dramatic pic of the eye). Therefore I think this link could be polished to fit in with the style of the rest of the front page.

    Also once you are in to the site, it's not that easy to just jump straight back to the home page or navigate straight to the page you want (you can only go one page at a time) so maybe a menu system or at least "Home" link could be useful?

    Otherwise all good stuff.