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Websites Please Check Out My Site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by djBURNOUT, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. albertoporter

    albertoporter New Member

    This is my site ............(removed)
    Give me your feedback.....

    Give me and no please???
    Manners might get you some results.

  2. coogan82

    coogan82 New Member

    not bad. i understand it is only a free site you have used but it is ok for a first try, there was something wrong that im still finding it hard to put my finger on im not sure if the colour scheme is right or if its just the text colour you have used but something just dosnt look right to me, also the photos tab should offer more than just 86 pics in one album try using a slideshow so the pics are constantly moving on the screen if possible or if not create more albums and split the pics so more of the screen is used up then in future you can put them in bigger albums as you get more pics i know that the free sites are limited so i would say you have done a pretty good job well done

    6/10 needs tweeking
  3. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    thanks for all the feedback guys, im meeting with my buddy today hes a website developer so all your feedback will be given to him - i think the new url of my site will be DJ-BURNOUT.com :cool:
  4. Dj_WildG

    Dj_WildG New Member


    The site overal is great but...always make sure u make sure u keep ur links refreshed for example the video on the home page is now unavailable and cannot be watch...

    Hope this helps as i my self was once told this by another great Dj and i now have a great fan base!

    If theres anything else please reply..
    Dj-WildG(Dj-WildG's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free)
  5. household61974

    household61974 New Member

    Might want to think twice about using the hypen in the url. Isn't it much easier to say "djburnout.com" than "dj (dash) burnout.com? Plus, might have some fans actually spell out "dash" than use "-". Just a thought. :)

    AWORRALL93 New Member

    looks great mate although the video isn't working :(
  7. vkoneness

    vkoneness New Member


    I like the sight, the video is not working, I would suggest getting that video back up and running, also maybe add some mp3 music so that others may here what you have, and maybe a few animations would be great.
    I hope that helps
  8. soccertrev17

    soccertrev17 New Member

    I've actually used that exact template for a webpage for my football club. I found that it was too dark and too boring. I ended up changing to one of the other templates they had. I also chose to add a background image because I thought it brought the page to life more. Overall the site is easy to navigate. I just think changing the template and colors could make it more interesting to look at.
  9. rainv99

    rainv99 New Member

    The site is generally nice but the dark background and white text somehow after a while starts to hurt eyes a little. Would need a little easyer background on your site.
  10. Gerry0587

    Gerry0587 New Member

    I think it could be a good idea to change the color of the fonts to red or orange, more vivid colors that appeal to DJs and parties. DJ or party photos in the homepage instead of the facebook video plugin in order to make it more attractive.

    Webs.com is a great place to start designing webpages, as it is free and user friendly. I also use their great free services to host my website ;)
  11. sleighton

    sleighton New Member

    obviously its free - i dont know whether or not you are able to move the adverts to a more convenient place. Currently i have a HUGE htc advert above anything which really detracts from anything else on your website.

    I think if you are looking to do this professionaly or even sell your services the first think you have to do is get rid of that message and pay for the website with no ads. I know if i was looking for a DJ if i was to see the ads plastered everywhere it would make me very unlikley to book. Think of it this way from a consumer perspective, if you cant be bothered to pay that tiny amount per year to get an ad free site then why would someone pay you money to come and play at their party

    Hope these views help
  12. supermall

    supermall Banned

    Nice site and great work. l suggest you improve the color too dark for my liking.
  13. Scottie

    Scottie New Member

    Website Is Great Mate !! I Think You Should Make Sure You Get Peoples Attention As Soon As They Enter Your Site By Playing Previews Of Some Of Your Music So People Can Hear How Good Your Music Is From The Start Just A Suggestion :)...
  14. NXG50k

    NXG50k New Member

    DJ i tried to open your page but my browser was having a difficult time I use Windows Internet Explorer. It might be a problem on my end but I thought you would want to know
  15. adams33

    adams33 Banned

    I dont know what to think about the poll, you've included. If it serves a certain purpose then I would keep it. If its not that important I would delete it since it stretches the website unneccessarily.

    Another thing I am not to sure about if you can change that is in the link section. Is it possible to delete the information of when you posted the links etc. I think it is simply unneccesary to know that.
  16. ADphotography

    ADphotography New Member

    Reviewd Wesite

    I would have to say that its a good start. I would add my graphics and maybe video of you djing. also the text is kind of boring so i would look into different fonts. But overall good start. as your business grows so will your site.
  17. Driver

    Driver New Member

    I like the darker background with lighter text.

    Work on logo.

    Not sold on the font.

    Where it says: make this white and larger.
  18. Bambaphotog

    Bambaphotog Member

    Love the layout and how easy it is to navigate and get the info quickly. I would say the black B/G is kind of blah maybe change the fonts if you really love the balck? Who knows I'm not an expert but just giving my ideas.
  19. mandykw

    mandykw New Member

    Nice site

    Your site looks nice. The video on the home page is not working, and there are no photo's really in the photo section. The site is small and does not really have a lot of content to it so I think that the content you do have should pack a punch. I hope that did not come out wrong in any way. Gl to you on continuing to build your site.
  20. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    The site is really well designed, just use some more proper color scheme to make it more attractive....