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Websites Please Check Out My Site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by djBURNOUT, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    Hey everybody, my site is Home - DJ Burnout
    It is a free site but this is because I am am up and coming DJ and just do not have the funds for a full website yet. I can eventually transfer this to a real domain but for now, does anyone have any suggestions as of what I can do or add/subtract to make my site unique and creative and also attractive!

    Any help is appreciated!!

  2. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Overall, I think it's a good start. First, I feel like the text is just a little boring, maybe a different font?
    Second, I feel like the facebook fan page box in the middle of your homepage is very distracting. You have one to the right, I would leave it at that and maybe make a reference to it in your text on the homepage.
    Third, maybe instead of repeating the same picture on your home page and about me/bio page, you could put a different picture on one of them?
    Overall, you have a very good start going and good luck with your business!!!!
  3. tomw

    tomw Member

    I don't see anything needs improving. The site looks great and easy to navigate. One thing though, when I clicked on Barbra Streisand on the Music page I expected something like The Way We Were, instead I got someone just repeating her name.

    Unless those ads are not yours I would post ads that are music related. There are number of free website hosting without inserting their ads. You may want to check those out.
  4. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    Thanks for all the help and comments....

    @tomw, The Barbra Streisand song is a new house song from Duck Sauce, check out the video here.

    I do not have any ads on the site as of yet, I have an option to have the Google Ads, currently thinking about if I should add them or not.
  5. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    On your "Links" page, you have a link to your youtube channel. But you named the link "YouTube", instead of something like "My youtube channel". Since some people might not bother looking at the URL since they assume you've just given a link to youtube.com. As a matter of fact, i was about the close the tab when i noticed it was to your channel. So yeah, i would change that. (Same with facebook and the other links)

    Next thing you should do, i add a favicon. To do that on webs, follow these steps.
    1) Go to favicon.ico Generator
    2) Click on "import image", chose your image and press "Upload"
    3) Click on "Download favicon"
    4) Upload the image to webs.com via the file manager on the control panel.
    (NOTE: Upload the image to the 'root', meaning not into any folders.)

    It'll probably take a day or two for the site to get updated with the favicon. (it did for me)
  6. Schnen

    Schnen New Member


    generally I like your homepage. But I think that its maybe to dark. Perhaps some brighter colours would make it more viewer friendly ;)

    I dont know what to think about the poll, you've included. If it serves a certain purpose then I would keep it. If its not that important I would delete it since it stretches the website unneccessarily.

    Another thing I am not to sure about if you can change that is in the link section. Is it possible to delete the information of when you posted the links etc. I think it is simply unneccesary to know that.

    I am torn whether i would include the pics of the links itself or if I would leave them out.

    Well anyways, just my thoughts.
  7. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    I appreciate all the feedback I have received so far. I have made some changes including changing the overall theme, sidebar and bottom bar preferences, and the links.

    Any other feedback is appreciated. Thanks to everyone so far!!
  8. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Remove the page counter.
    Replace it with invisible analytics
    You can get free hosts that will not place forced ads on your site and allow your ads (to start, make them Google ads). Do a Google search for the host.
    For your title and description, use your best keywords
    what Google says about your title and description
    Changing your site's title and description in search results - Webmaster Tools Help
    Google allows 66 characters in the title and 150 characters in the description
    Choose wisely using a keyword tool
    hope this helps
  9. Schnen

    Schnen New Member

    Looks a lot better know. I really like it. If I have any other ideas I'll tell you.
  10. madlegend

    madlegend New Member

    You could jazz it up abit
  11. sidramalik100

    sidramalik100 Banned

    well your website is good but you need to improve it in future when you realize that now you can afford but i must appreciate your brilliant work effort on your website . and i hope it will be also popular in people.
  12. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    check out the site from your phone, the mobile version of the site looks different i would love to know what you all think
  13. SPFC

    SPFC New Member

    Man I know little about computers, but the site looks pretty damn tight to me. However, i do know alot about dance music and that is some bouncy stuff man I LIKE.... advertise your music to the user wherever possible!!!!!!
    Just one minor point, work on the grammar for your homepage... i reckon this could read beetwr.
  14. ashdoy

    ashdoy New Member

    Good start. Needs to be a bit more 'exploding' though. The site it all abot DJ'ing, and with that comes a lifestyle of fast-paced action. The site needs alot more colour, possibly yellows, reds, pinks to represent disco lights? Overall it's quite good, just needs an image re-vamp
  15. coventryspartans

    coventryspartans New Member

    This is my first review of someones website. I like you site but I agree with the other comments that it needs to be more explosive and to catch your eye.
    On your website there is no clear info on where you are based except in your bio, when you have mentioned Brooklyn. Therefore I wouldnt know what areas you covered for bookings.

    I have found a site of a dj in NYC. This is ideally what you should be striving for, but the main thing is you have got your site out there and are now more visible.
    The Official DJ Style Web Site

    I hope I have been a help in someway.

    Goodluck with your website and career,

    All the best
  16. coventryspartans

    coventryspartans New Member

    One more thing.
    Have you looked at the nightclub template by freewebsitetemplates. Maybe you can use this as your foundation for your website, and edit it to suit your use?
  17. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Problem with your meta tags !!
    You need to use all your characters you are allowed in Google (66 characters (including spaces)) for your title. Make it unique so they (visitors & spiders can) distinguish them form other pages. Below is your title and description (no description)
    The description is the second most important tag. It is a lot more important than "keywords". You are allowed 150 characters (including spaces) for your description. Do your best so you can get some position in search engines.

    Your title and description:
    <title>Home - DJ BURNOUT</title>
    <meta name="description" content="">

    Check out the examples to get some ideas

    <meta name="keywords" content="dj burnout electro house funky dirty techno trance dutch
    beatport 2011 new madness hotness mix remix edit mash mashup insane elektro filthy playlist">

    Examples from Google first page:
    DJ BURNOUT | Washington, DC | DJ / Electro House / Dirty Dutch ...
    DJ BURNOUT Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by DJ BURNOUT at ReverbNation.
    DJ BURNOUT | Washington, DC | DJ / Electro House / Dirty Dutch | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation - Cached - Similar

    DJ BURNOUT's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your ...
    DJ BURNOUT adam burnout, chicago, United States ... Uploaded byDJ BURNOUT Start
    following on January 23, 2011 18:44. 1207 Plays2 Comments5 Favoritings98 ...
    soundcloud.com/burnout-chicago - Cached - Similar

    DJ BURNOUT :: Plurlife : Electronic Music, DJs, Clubs, and Parties!
    Plurlife.com/DJBURNOUT - Plurlife profile for DJ BURNOUT of CHICAGO, Illinois.
    Come to Plurlife to view photos, videos, upcoming events and connect with ...
    DJ BURNOUT :: Plurlife : Electronic Music, DJs, Clubs, and Parties! - Cached - Similar

    hope this helps
  18. abolton

    abolton New Member

    I think the content is great and your header is really good. I would brighten it up abit, the background it abit intrusive when i am reading the page.
    I also like your link to social network sites which appears on your homepage, really accessible.
  19. viking knives

    viking knives New Member

    Hi, overall I think its a good start. If I were looking to hire a DJ, some of the things I would look for are quality of work and personality. I feel you should bring more of your personality into the website. You can make it vibrant and have your personality show without it being distracting. As it is, i feel its a little bland. Also, if you have been featured on any shows/sites, I would include that in the first page. Sell yourself on the home page. If its too bland, potential clients might not ever get past the homepage. Also, larger logo/header and smaller ads, as they can be distracting. Overall, good start. Take a look at FMF and DJ Khaled and compare and I think you'll see what i'm talking about. Which one would you hire? good luck and good work!
  20. alexanderstrummer

    alexanderstrummer New Member

    The site seems a bit cluttered with all of the widgets of different sizes and locations. Perhaps you could just create a page with image links to those social networking accounts?