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Websites New site design mockup. Can you please review?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by WpBlogHost, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. WpBlogHost

    WpBlogHost New Member

    Hello everyone. Our company, WpBlogHost, is looking to get a face lift. If you have time, could you please review the mockup of our new home page?

    Info needed:

    Target customers: New bloggers looking to start a blog
    Primary service: Hosting and Domains

    The domain name search bar across the top will look different in the final draft. It's just to show where we plan to put it.


  2. bmcoll3278

    bmcoll3278 New Member

    Cant tell much from just a pic. But it looks great.
  3. WpBlogHost

    WpBlogHost New Member

    Thank you, bmcoll
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Hard to check source code for errors when it is encrypted (or just a picture)
    The site menu at the bottom should be repeated at the top
    what is the site address ??
  5. WpBlogHost

    WpBlogHost New Member

    Hi falcon, it's just an image file of the mockup. The site is currently being coded.

    I know traditionally you repeat links in the footer, I think I'm leaning to a little more slim and less clutter. Some of the main links will be at the bottom, but to redo all the main links plus a disclaimer, copyright, tos, privacy, testimonials, legal agreements, etc. . . . I think that'll be a little too cluttered.

    Thank you for the feedback.
  6. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    Nice colors and just the right white space to make the page look uncrowded. Looks real good design wise.
  7. WpBlogHost

    WpBlogHost New Member

    Thank you, deyounggerry. That's pretty much what I was going for. I appreciate your time.
  8. smithpeter018

    smithpeter018 New Member

    attractive color scheme
  9. WpBlogHost

    WpBlogHost New Member

    Hi smithpeter, thanks. The feedback has been good so far.
  10. bruceree

    bruceree New Member

    two nav menu sidebars? big no-no, put the nav at the top, keep it simple and stay within the basic design standards (i.e. nav bar at the top). change the picture and the site is too green, i stayed on the site for 10 seconds, and i just remember it as a gardening related site.
  11. WpBlogHost

    WpBlogHost New Member

    Hi bruceree. Thanks for the feedback.

    Through testing and also consulting with other conversion specialists, we have found that colors of green, earth tones, soft blues and orange do relatively well. I can see how the green might be too strong for some people, thank you for the feedback on that.

    The reason for the picture is to connect with our target audience, new bloggers - many times stay at home mom's. Not sure if you blog, but coffee is like the staple of waking up and starting your day if you're a blogger.

    For the menus, I know, typically you either do:

    - horizontal menus work for most sites
    - left sidebars work for normal html or other related sites other than blogging
    - right sidebars are good for blogs

    Although there are buttons on two sides, the main button we want people to push is the "Blog Hosting" button (first button, top left).

    I feel the site is very simple to use. For the most part, all there is, is 6 buttons, very big, very clear for people to click on.

    Thanks for the feedback. We are always testing using Google Website Optimizer and if a change works better for us, we'll do it.