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CSS Need help @ Background!!

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by smurf9852, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. smurf9852

    smurf9852 New Member


    I while ago i have downloaded a template (css)
    Now i want to change the background of it. I want this background:
    a friend of my made it.
    In the center there is a black squar. the idea is that there the website content must be, and the red stuff around it.
    But how to? do you have to know the size of the background (cuz the original is a black little squar that just copy's himself.)


  2. jd132

    jd132 VIP Member

    hi buddy can u share the link for the html?

    well if u want u can do something like this

    and u also need to crop some part from top.

    hope it help :)

  3. smurf9852

    smurf9852 New Member

    you mean share the link of the website?
    Reckoning by Free CSS Templates

    Thanks for reply! ill try it out
  4. smurf9852

    smurf9852 New Member