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Software MSIE vs FIREFOX

Discussion in 'General' started by ishkey, Apr 12, 2008.


What Browser do you use?

  1. Internet Explorer

  2. Firefox

  3. Opera

  4. Flock

  5. Safari

  6. Konqueror

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  7. Google Chrome

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  1. Jholden

    Jholden Member

    Yea i just switched over to Google Chrome 2 days ago and love it, the features are far better and it no time will run ff and ie down.
  2. Jholden

    Jholden Member

    I rec. Google Chrome, been using it for 2 days and it is far superior to FF and IE. Try it
  3. enigma1

    enigma1 New Member

    Well ok, I would advise you not to use Google Chtome unless you know what you are doing. The installation package includes programs that stay resident even when the browser terminates (see with the task manager). As far I know this type of behavior is categorized as spyware along with the browser. The only way for me to use it without the unwanted stuff was to bypass the installation procedure and remove certain files before running the browser.
  4. kwunited

    kwunited New Member

    I was using Chrome but like IE 8. Seems alot more leaner and quicker. Compatibility is huge for me and thus the switch back to IE 8.
  5. bilalamjad3

    bilalamjad3 New Member

    Firefox is better.
  6. tomylee1

    tomylee1 Banned

    Fire fox is better.
  7. PokerBuddiez

    PokerBuddiez New Member

    FF for me but i think Chrome is an faster browser..plus there some great tools out for FF
  8. jscuk2006

    jscuk2006 New Member

    Has to be safari right??? Only downside is getting plugins due to all sites treating ie as the main browser
  9. Dvdhny

    Dvdhny New Member

    In YOUR opinion.

    In your opinion.
  10. Davidwilson

    Davidwilson Banned

    google chrome is better because it is faster than others and its graphics are cool.
  11. BrytonTaylor

    BrytonTaylor Banned

    anyone who says firefox is best they are all wrong because forefox is no more faster.. i think that google chrome is best because of its speed.
  12. y2jgillam

    y2jgillam New Member

    I use Firefox, more due the ease of use that speed. I find the layout alot better compared it IE. I've never used Chrome, nor am i planning on to
  13. unhallowedangel

    unhallowedangel Logo Specialist

    I use chrome for it is faster than FF....also more simple and yet more compatible with google products and such.
  14. Airster130

    Airster130 New Member

    I use MSIE7. Tried to use Firefox didn't work out to good for me. I like to stick to what I've used forever. Which is microsoft. :)
  15. scott4701

    scott4701 New Member

    I always use Firefox. I love it!!
  16. agomez78

    agomez78 New Member

    I have been using firefox for a good 4 years now but i switch to Opera from time to time. If i have some troubles connecting to some website, i try it connecting it through Opera, and most of the time it is a success. I do not like Microsoft’s internet explorer. Considering the recent news that internet explorer has more loopholes hackers can exploit and be able to track personal data and have them enroute to their computers, didn’t help boost their product right.
  17. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Opera 10. No other browser beats all the features of it. And its definatly the fastest borwser. (Faster than chrome and firefox IMO)

    Opera Link is awesome, when i get a new computer i can just enter my username and password and BOOM! My bookmark, History, Speed Dial etc is synced.

    Speed Dial appears on every new tab. (So instead of a "blank page" like other browsers, you have shortcuts to other sites.)


    NOTE: Thats an old version of Opera in the pic.
  18. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    I am on a MacBook Pro and use Firefox 3. I feel it is the easiest to use although I wish Chrome was as easy as Firefox...
  19. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Chorme has a way more simple interface than firefox doesnt it?

    I say firefox is more difficult.
  20. djBURNOUT

    djBURNOUT New Member

    I feel that for mac osx chrome is different and firefox is better on macs