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Software MSIE vs FIREFOX

Discussion in 'General' started by ishkey, Apr 12, 2008.


What Browser do you use?

  1. Internet Explorer

  2. Firefox

  3. Opera

  4. Flock

  5. Safari

  6. Konqueror

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  7. Google Chrome

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  1. swg

    swg Member

    Firefox 3.5, however I must say Chrome is looking really good -once it gets Plugins I'm switching !
  2. cruise05

    cruise05 Banned

    I use Firefox 3.5, however I also use IE7,Opera
  3. Dollar hunter

    Dollar hunter New Member

    Of course mozzilla man ,there is no need to ask,mozzila is the best amongst all of them.
  4. Myth

    Myth New Member

    Firefox is the best all the way.
  5. Jiggles

    Jiggles Member

    IE is for the stupid and the uneducated. The stupid, you cant get the idea of a better browser. Uneducated just install it on their PCs and not tell them. :p
  6. grodt718

    grodt718 New Member


    IE Here, I guess its the default browser I'm just use to it works fine for me never had problem go go IE:D
  7. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    That's a bit condescending!
    Perhaps those still using IE just haven't had the chance to experiment with other browsers.
    Much like those who prefer windows (gagging) over other operating systems.
  8. Stomme poes

    Stomme poes New Member

    IE is also used by those who can NOT upgrade. Where users don't have permissions to download browsers. Where Operating Systems are so old they do not support newer browsers. Where the non-profit organisation cannot afford to pay trained people to do these upgrades when there are always more pressing things to do (get more equipment, get more donations, get more books...) We managed to get Firefox "working" on my uncle's Windows98 machine but it's a slow fat hog. His IE5.0 is much faster but it cannot handle larger pages, and he cannot upgrade to IE6 (OS is too old). I suppose someone here would be happy to donate to his upgrade-his-OS fund? Because none of us are going to try to explain Linux to someone who can point and click on good days. Now multiply that. How many libraries, schools, hospitals, fire departments, organisations are still on old windows servers? hundreds of machines? on a shoestring budget? I'd like to upgrade them all, but I'm not that rich either. Plenty of students at school are surfing on IE6 because they are forced to. I'm sorry but I really do not understand why this forum removes all my whitespaces and eats my code. I don't have this problem in any other forum anywhere. Sorry to people who have trouble reading this big chunk of text, I sure didn't write it this way!
  9. grodt718

    grodt718 New Member

    In my own defence

    I also have the FireFox but i don't use that browser my friend does it works great when i try to snatch pics and music and so on but i prefer to use the IE not because i cant upgrade or my computer suxs
  10. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Understand No Permissions, old op systems, but not Win98 thats 20 years old, at 5 cents a day put aside for 20 years would have been enough saved to buy a new one. Non-profits are just like any other company, the handfull on top make the big bucks at the expense of all else. For all the other things you listed, I thought the Netherlands was richer than that. The world bank list as #7 GDP (PPP) per capita out of 194 countries.
    IE6 was released in 2001 and still displays websites with no problem (it's called quirks mode). You may not have all the extras and most programmers have accounted for the few short commings of IE6. There are other browsers out there like Opera, you can even install an older versions which work with older machines just read the requirements. It's not rocket science to download a file, click on it and click on yes to install it. I attached a jpg of just the hits from MSIE browsers it shows ver 8 down to version 2.
    As far as your last problem goes the post looks fine on this end.
    Maybe on your end it looks funny.

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  11. Jiggles

    Jiggles Member

    OT i know but Ishkey what tacking system are you using for those stats?

    My school still runs IE6. The reason being as they deem all the others unreliable... Stupid or what! Totally backwards! If people seen the damage that IE can do and how much money in the sense of IT Tech FF or Chrome can save they would move over. People have their heads so far in the sand that they deem that its doesn't come with M$ then its unsafe and rubbish when the opposite is true!
  12. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

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  13. Stomme poes

    Stomme poes New Member

    times a library full of 20-year-old machines, for example. It doesn't matter how rich a country is, but where it puts that money. Saudi Arabia is pretty rich too, or at least, one family is : ) A library may get some state money or it may rely on donations. We have lots of "stichtings" (organisations who mostly do things like raise money usually for some particular illness). They are using old machines and have never ever heard of Opera except as music. They MIGHT have heard of Firefox, but the Netherlands is seriously behind other European countries as far as FF or other non-IE use (so lack of education is certainly part of the problem! But I'm saying that's not so with a big chunk of users... we get still at least 30% IE6 users). Web pages built in the Netherlands are very commonly still built in Frontpage 6 in framesets. As a developer it churns my stomach to see those, and I am pretty anti-IE6. I refuse to write in Quirks Mode because I refuse to write crap pages. I always affix a proper doctype, but as the graphical demands on my grow at my job, I simply have more and more pages where either I need a pile of scripts to accommodate IE6's multiple failures, or I leave them and let people see black-backgrounded png's and simply missing out on accessibility features like :focus (which is from 1998, way before IE6 came out, c'mon). But my argument was why people still use IE6 or lower. They're not all stoopid, and they're not all unedumacated. Often it because people cannot upgrade. I said I wouldn't want to teach someone Linux just so they can have an affordable OS. Well I'm not teaching them how to keyboard in Opera either (Opera is great for keyboarders with its spatial keyboarding but you basically have to learn an entirely new system from traditional tab-key browsers... I always have to look up how to keyboard in Opera every time I go test a site for the mouseless because Opera is not my base browser and I simply don't remember it). I'm also taking a screenshot of what I'm typing. Watch this, I'm going to type in double quotes! "quotes!!" On other posts, I've tried to post example code for people, but it gets so mangled, I've stopped posting almost entirely. Ishkey, your screenshot does look like what I see... after I post, not while I'm typing. I see your posts all have newlines everywhere. I'm craving your newlines, man. And plain-text double quotes. screenshot
  14. Olympus21

    Olympus21 New Member

    I also use FireFox 3 beta. I think it's the more informed Internet users, bloggers, and designers who go with the alternate better browsers.



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  15. JulieAdam

    JulieAdam New Member

    I personally use Fire Fox 3 Beta.
  16. pusscat

    pusscat New Member

    I use IE7 and much prefer it, I have firefox on my comp and test in that,
    I'm neither uneducated or stupid, everyone has there own personal preference on what browser they use and that doesn't make them stupid, uneducated etc.

    When msn groups was alive to use firefox with graphics say if you didnt know html then you had to have the ie addon (msn groups was a bit wierd with html pages when making pages there, or uploading pictures to the message boards or your own albums etc) so it was much simpler to just use IE.

    I prefer the layout of IE to.

    But then when vista came out alot didnt like it, I love vista and much prefer it over xp. Same for windows 7 prefer that over xp but unfortunately cant afford to upgrade my computor to either at the moment, even thought it would run either one easily.

    So maybe am one of the few that prefer IE but thats my choice, I like the interface, the way it runs and it also seems to open alot easier on my computer and faster and smoother than firefox does especially graphics which is what I love making, ie art and picture tubes with bryce and daz3ds,
  17. sweetdeboo

    sweetdeboo New Member

    i use firefox rather than IE just because it has more better features.
  18. fullmoonwebdesign

    fullmoonwebdesign New Member

    I had firefox but got say new internet explorer work better with vista than firefox did.
  19. enigma1

    enigma1 New Member

    For casual browsing I use FF with some plugins to get around nasties, but for templates code/development I use all popular browsers, the annoying thing is you cannot easily have older versions of a browser run with the latest one without fiddling around with the o/s.
  20. AdamsonAfton

    AdamsonAfton New Member

    i like to use google chrome,i advise you to also.i come to know that German govt has advised its people not to use IE because a bug has been found in it.