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Closed Just need help with Coding

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cynthiajwang, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member


    Thanks for defending my application - your understanding of it is 100% correct.

    Geoff Tyrer
  2. cynthiajwang

    cynthiajwang VIP Member

    Geoff - Thanks; I've just downloaded the zip file, and we'll see how it all goes.

    And guys, it's all good - it's no big deal if you "hijack" my thread. After all, it's to clear up some misunderstandings or whatever.
  3. tomw

    tomw Member

    Cynthia, thanks for your understanding.

    Geoff Tyrer, no defending your application here; as I have noted that you have a very nice system. My point was updating the websites online vs offline. I see the advantage of doing it online since it can be done at multiple locations. You can do the same by downloading the program into each individual location to do the updates but it will require the changes to be uploaded to the websites to keep them the same. This will also require all the locations to synchronize their copies. There are problems associated with updating the common contents from multiple users; one solution I can think of is to use wiki.
  4. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member


    There are three variants of the application: ViziGenHC-Pro, ViziGenHC-Admin, and ViziGenHC-Client.

    With ViziGenHC-Pro multiple users would hit the problem you describe (quoted above).

    But ViziGenHC-Admin and ViziGenHC-Client have been created to deal with it. The Administrator is in complete control of everything and allows each Client access to certain web pages. The Clients can only update the content on their own pages (not the layout of the page), and they update the website by simply hitting "Save" without any need to use FTP. The Client logs on, picks a page, edits it, and hits Save, and all the system takes care of all the technicalities.

    Geoff Tyrer
  5. tomw

    tomw Member

    My comment about your system was based on my initial impression using ViziGenHC-Free. Since it was running off-line my first thought was that it is a disadvantage if the website was managed by users at different locations. You have clearly pointed it out in your comment above that is not a problem using ViziGenHC since it has other applications that provided the needed functions. Iskey’s assertion about your software is correct – tightly written nice piece of work, does what it claims. Now all I can say is I could not agree more.
  6. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member

    Thanks tomw - I'm glad we've cleared up the misunderstanding - and I'm grateful to you for all your comments which I know were offered in the spirit of being constructive.
  7. nikole95

    nikole95 Banned

    The main feature of this system is the ease of designs to themes conversion. I converted your design into theme in less than 10 minutes. However, there is one function I'm having difficulty of implementing - highlighting the page when the page is selected. That is only item I see is missing in the theme.

  8. ezinemart

    ezinemart New Member

    yes there is no need of CMS in static sites only dynamic sites require CMS if she has no intention of updating her site then no need of CMS..
  9. tomw

    tomw Member

    I have to disagree. Static content does not always stay the same as they might change in future date. Unless you know for sure it will never be changed, a CMS will be handy if updates are needed later.
  10. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Don't forget to mention CMS is great for the coding challenged or for those who want to emphasize content and do not want to be bothered with the code part.
  11. Sekharji

    Sekharji New Member

    HTML,CSS is very good technical tip or plus point for web development.i was missed to know html and css once a time,when i need to developmt my personal web page,but now i learned and make my own web pages,As a professional i am s software tester in CresTech software systems.
  12. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Hi cynthia,

    Thank you for your request.

    Previously, your template request had to be put on hold due to insufficient resources; we are now pleased to announce that the template request forum will be relaunched on 24 March 2014.

    In appreciation of your patience and loyalty all these years, we would like to invite you to be among the first to have your customized template produced.

    If you would still like for this same template request to be processed, please reply to this thread within 30 days of this post and we will begin working on it as soon as possible.

    Please note that any request to accept this offer after the above stipulated period will not be entertained.

    I look forward to seeing you on FWT again!

    :) ruthe
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