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Websites Ipswich Town Fansite

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Cards, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Cards

    Cards New Member

    Hey guys, I like the feedback you provide on here, I was wondering what you thought of my Ipswich Town FC Fansite and what could possibly be improved??



    Edit: Also need graphic designers for the site so feel free to ask! :D
  2. SMDScouts

    SMDScouts New Member

    I like it! But...is the guy at the top supposed to have a red dot on his nose?
  3. Cards

    Cards New Member

    yeah, all for comic relief :p ...any bad points which i can look to resolve?
  4. SMDScouts

    SMDScouts New Member

    Nothing that I notice just by clicking through. Looks very nice!
  5. Cards

    Cards New Member

    thanks! I will look to address your views ASAP ;)