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How did you discover this forum?

Discussion in 'General' started by Enclavean, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. wakullafutbol

    wakullafutbol Member

    I like dg was drawn here by searching for football crests, and started looking at some of the awesome work done on this site with the designs. I was in the search for something that would stand out on a jersey and catch ur eye as well as the kids all have a say in the selection of our logo.The designers on this site are first class talent here for sure.
  2. EddieRaines

    EddieRaines New Member

    I was searching on Google for free logo designs when I found this site. I found this site very interesting so decided to join in.
  3. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Looks like logo designs is what attracts most people.
  4. tomw

    tomw Member

    Yea, you are right about that. I came here because the name of website is FreeWebsiteTemplate so I thought I could offer people help to build their websites with free templates but so far no takers; seems like they all come here for free logos.
  5. ozone73

    ozone73 Member

    I think I was just searching for free templates and I came across this site. I have yet to use any templates from here but I may at some point.
  6. tomw

    tomw Member

    When that point comes please let me know. Maybe I can help you to build your site using the template you selected.

    I hope ishkey did not see this post and please don't let him know.
  7. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    I tried to tell you tomw you are on to high of a level for most who come here.
    You are so excited about your accomplishments you have forgotten how to bring people along slowly to show them, how easily they could create a site with your system.
    But it will happen one day.
  8. tomw

    tomw Member

    This old man is beyond telling so just give it up ishkey. I have been doing this for more than forty years; thirty of those years I got paid and the last 10 I was doing it just to keep my mind active. I don't get excited about it anymore but enjoy it nevertheless. People do ask me to help them with their websites but just not here. Do hope one day will change.
  9. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    removing morning spammers will add to when done

    You might be beyond telling but you just don't seem to understand.
    This is from one of your posts "I hope self promotion isn't considered spam"
    On this Forum it is not, as long as you help people and promote in the proper manner.
    80% of your posts don't even address the persons question about the templates - which is why they came here.
    Learning the basics of html/css templates is hard for most people (which are what their mind is locked on),
    throwing your CMS into the mix without explanation confuses them even more.
    We want to encourage them, help them understand, grow in their knowledge and become contributing members whom enjoy the forum by giving back in return.
    There have been a few other members who answered posts this very same way - it didn't work for them.
    A couple changed their methods which did worked, the others quit posting.
    You might have a look at member enigma1 posts, he addresses the questions and gets thanked every time on this Forum & others and he too has developed a CMS of his own.
    He has promoted it a few times when people inquired, his site I-Metrics CMS has grown steadily and I believe he still maintains a smaller version as open source.
    All of us here for the most part enjoy your participation, I at one time posted about the validity of the CMS you are promoting and yes you do have tons of converted templates which would benefit those, if they only understood the CMS idea, it's just how you present it.
    This is a community of Give and Take members. We all at times make mistakes, try to rectify them and become solid members.
  10. EddieRaines

    EddieRaines New Member

    Yup that's true. Logo designing is very attractive for many people nowadays.

  11. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    tomw and iskey; not too sure what has kicked this off, but I feel there's some misinterpretations of posts.

    tomw I do believe that iskey has summed up what he was getting at in his above post, it's great to offer the help to others but would be great if you walk some through it via post so that we can ALL learn, I for one would read and hopefully learn by your CMS even though I'm not currently in need of a site (but who know's what the future holds)?
  12. tomw

    tomw Member

    I love to walk anyone through the process if interested. As I've pointed out so far there is none.
  13. almedajohnson

    almedajohnson New Member

    I came from Google when I was surfing for a template
  14. ShaleyWilliam

    ShaleyWilliam Banned

    When I was searching for free templates site in Google, I got this website and I think this good site.
  15. arsalan660

    arsalan660 New Member

    I find this website through Google Search
  16. I was searching google for Graphic/Logo requests when I came across this forum, I got talking with GG. now I come here everyday just to see what's happening and maybe respond to a few threads ect.. :D
  17. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Long may it continue....just remember a design is only as good as the request details you get!!!!

    welcome aboard young man!!!
  18. Fdrix

    Fdrix New Member

    Through searching on google, i found this forum.
  19. Grandsatsuma

    Grandsatsuma New Member

    I was scanning the interwebs for logo inspiration and noticed "Request a logo customization" and thought i'd have a look and see if I could get ideas. I did, but then I decided I suck at logos and just made a request :]
  20. Clint Davies

    Clint Davies Member

    I found it on a google search when i was looking to design a badge for a youth football team.