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Hi Guys

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by thenotoriousbsg, May 24, 2011.

  1. thenotoriousbsg

    thenotoriousbsg New Member

    Wow... I just found this website...

    If I had have known about this site about a year ago it would have saved me so much heartache!!! Its good to see that there are people still here on the net willing to help people out in between the massive cluster of ads that you get on most web-design help sites...

    Anyway, My name is Josh and I live in Brisbane, Australia. My hobbies are Horse Racing and Rugby League and i'm starting to get over writing previews/blog entries so I'm planning on turning my passions into a Podcast where I can talk and get my point across more efficiently!!!

    I dont have much web design experience but now that I have found this site I can hopefully learn more and pass some knowledge on that I have gained through my struggles with improving my website...

    Chat to you all soon!
  2. tomw

    tomw Member

    Hello Josh, welcome to FWT. I'm sure you will get your logo soon as long as you have provided needed info for the designers. Don't forget to help out around here if you can. This is a give and take site. There are a lot of football (soccer) fans here and maybe rugby too but I'm not sure about horse racing though.
  3. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Hi there Josh and welcome to FWT.
    Read the "About" on your site and wow, you really do love your sports!
    I too am from Brissy (west of) and possibly Oz's one and only 'non-sports-of-any-kind' follower. ;)
    My dear ol' Mum would bet on the proverbial 2 flies on the wall if given the chance, she was especially fond of the gg's. (although dead against the hurdles....umm...steeplechase?)

    Anyways, as Tom says above, don't forget to help out around here. Oddly enough, those that help out around the forum seem to get their logo requests filled quicker than those that don't contribute. (hint hint) :p

  4. thenotoriousbsg

    thenotoriousbsg New Member

    Thanks Tom and CP... Yeah Im keen to help out and try and learn a bit more... Im starting to get right into designing different site layouts but i'm keen to learn more on PHP and MYSQL...

    CP, Im not a fan of the Jumps either... Pretty happy we don't have that type of racing in QLD actually... I love the punt and know a few blokes who would like to start building their own website's to advertise their tips etc. so hopefully Ill be able to help them out with a bit more experience!

    Anyhow... Id better get to bed, Ive got an early start tomorrow and a big day with the State of Origin on...