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hello from ireland

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by korvayne, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    hi guys,
    just stubbled across your site,very impressed.im 29 and from ireland & trying to set up an amatuer soccer team so im looking for a crest/logo.
    anyway keep up the good work
  2. 99kerala

    99kerala Banned

    hi ..i am from india nice to meet you
  3. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Hello Korvayne and 99kerala.
    Welcome to FWT!
  4. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    hey your from brisbane,I was there a few years back,nice place,where you affected with the floods much in your area?
  5. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Very little flooding where I am now, we moved from the Toowoomba area (where they had the bad floods) around 8 months ago.
    Funny that you like the Brisbane area as I would LOVE to go to Ireland! :p
  6. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    toowoomba is that where the blue mountains are?I was out that way to see them,amazing views out there.might be getting it confused with a similar named area though!it rains here,ALOT!you wouldnt be long wanting home after a month or two of this weather!
  7. sunnee

    sunnee New Member

    hi and welcome
  8. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    The "Blue Mountains' is west of Sydney and yes, it really is a beautiful area.
    I lived in a town about half way between Sydney and the mountains right up until my 'middle years'.
    Toowoomba is west of Brisbane, Queensland. That's where the floods were shown on TV, with cars floating down the main street.

    What part of Ireland are you in?
  9. hamo

    hamo New Member

    hey there, Were abouts in Ireland you from? Im from up near Belfast.

    All the best with your footy team :)
  10. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    Im from louth,just on the border between the north & the south.cheers for the support hamo!
  11. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Welcome to the FWT community Korvayne.
    I've been to Ireland myself in Dublin and Galway it's a great country. You can't look next to the many soccer fields and pubs.
  12. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    Ha,yeah theres a serious amount of pubs,i moved out to a small village about 2yrs ago,it has a petrol station,a chippy,a shop & a hairdressers,its litterally 1 street...it has 3 pubs!!